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The New Website Launch Checklist

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Building a website is not an easier task with all the website builders available. However, launching a website successfully is an entirely different thing. We do prepare a checklist for our tasks so that we navigate through the task efficiently. Similarly launching a website successfully is a critical task and chances are you can miss some steps that are important. To avoid these mistakes you need to prepare a checklist and you can launch your website efficiently. To help you to launch your website successfully and efficiently I am giving you The New Website Launch Checklist.

These all elements you should check before launching your new website s that later on you can focus on generating leads and producing good content. Let me quickly take you through my new website launching checklist so that you get ready to launch.
Here is the new website launch checklist:

Make sure your content is all inline

  • Check your context
  • Check typography and layout
  • Check grammar consistency and spelling
  • Proofreading everything
  • Check forms
  • Ensure legal pages are maintained


  • Set a favicon
  • The website supports responsive design
  • Check all of your images
  • Include 404 pages and defensive design


  • Conduct Usability testing
  • Need to conduct a performance test
  • A website should work in multiple browsers
  • Check for broken or irrelevant link
  • A website should work across several mobile devices
  • Ensure site speed


  • Set a site launch date
  • Check you have lead capture in place
  • consider SEO
  • Start blogging before you launch your website
  • Create a social media profile for your website
  • Write a press release for your launch
  • Ensure your syndication is automatic
  • Set yourself up on social bookmarking site
  • Submit your website to various business directories
  • Add the websites to your email signature
  • Ensure your website has a sitemap and keep it updated


  • Ensure installation of analytics training
  • Perform split testing
  • Add your website to google webmaster


  • Validate your code
  • Test your emails are coming through from various contact
  • set up a monitoring service
  • Need a backup strategy for your website
  • Your website should have an RSS feed

Conclusion: Once you finished the checklist, I am sure you must have successfully launched your website. I hope for many of you the new website launch checklist that I shared will be helpful. Do you have anything to add to this checklist? please feel free to share it in the comment section.

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