The evolution of Digital marketing in the Last Decade

How the evolution of Digital marketing in the last decade helped in business growth? In the last ten years, there is a rapid advancement in technology and the internet. The way businesses market their product and services online has now changed. The emergence of social media has now helped brands to gain more exposure. The techniques which were used before 2009-10 have become outdated and are confined to history books.

Outside of visual social apps, digital advertising went on a journey of its own over the decade. The rise of social media meant feedback from audiences was instant, and the entire model of product and campaign launches changed.

Let’s have a look at the evolution of digital marketing for online business between2010-2020:

The rise of social media – 

Social media platforms have risen rapidly in the last ten years. Before 2010 the concept of “Social media Influencer” was not being considered. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat have come up, and people can stay tuned with their friends. These platforms allow users to promote their brands and reach out to new customers. Many companies get to know from their follower their needs and the kind of product they like.

When it comes to social media marketing, every social media channel has its purpose. Like Facebook, it has its purpose of promoting the brands and reaching customers whose choices align with their products. Similarly, Instagram allows its users to promote their brands and help them to maximize their sales.

Evolution of Content marketing – 

Less than a decade ago, Digital marketers and brands could write blogs and target significant search engines like Google to gain exposure. It is proved to be highly effective as long as the content is relevant. It is not just blogs where people consume content these days. The medium for content consumption has increased. The customers also use other mediums, like Instagram reels, stories, FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), reviews and comments, and video-generated content.

Search Engines have matured in their approach to SEO 

In the past years, search engines have matured a lot in their approach to digital marketing. The marketers have now understood the necessity of keeping a business sustainable. Solving problems is more of a winning strategy rather than crisis management. The SEO services are offered to keep the brand presence in mind where the consumers’ needs are addressed. SEO will change in ways that we can’t even imagine predicting. Technology gets more competent, and the focus on relevant and contextual results will likely continue.

Smartphones have become a luxury for consumers. 

Moreover, in this digital era seamless and responsive mobile experience is a luxury rather than a necessity. Coupled with a mobile-friendly website and social media surfing, people have now closed the screens round the clock. Digital marketing companies help brands to offer well-optimized websites. It delivers a neat user experience to gain the customers’ trust, hence influencing the buying decisions more than the last decade. No doubt, the evolution of smartphones has changed the face of digital marketing.

The Wrap

Digital marketing is continuing to grow, and by the looks of it, its evolution hasn’t stopped. The 2010s were marked by mobile and smartphone users being more numerous than desktop users. Facebook and Instagram became the most used social media platform, and Blogger and Twitter were almost as famous.

There are new marketing trends appearing every month and new marketing strategies, as well. In the coming years, we can expect a change in the social media platform.

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