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Ten Top Tips to Tweet your brand

Twitter can be a great boost to your aviation job search on the condition that you use it wisely.  More and more people are using the social media as a tool for their private lives but smart people are realising that this way of communicating can be a real boost to your job hunting experience too.  So if you fancy Tweeting your way to your dream aviation job, here are our Top Ten Tips:

Visit Twitter and start to identify your target market. If you’re not familiar with Twitter, before you start touting your aviation job wares on this platform you owe it to yourself to understand fully how it works and what it’s about.  The best way to do this is to set aside some time where you dig around inside Twitter and identify the movers and shakers who could potentially hold the key to your next position.

Join. Once you’re comfortable that you know (more or less) what Twitter is about and how it works, you should join.  Joining Twitter really is as easy as A,B,C and everything is explained in simple to understand steps on the website.

Develop your Twitter Profile. As part of your Twitter presence you’ll be able to give your name, a brief biography and your location, as well as a link to the likes of your online CV or LinkedIn listing.  You’ll also be able to choose a theme colour and include a photo (which you should do).  Getting your profile right is really important as it’s one of the first things potential employers will look at.

Use Twitter to listen. In the same way that you wouldn’t walk into a crowded room of aviation experts and influencers and start shouting the odds, take time on Twitter to sit back and watch the action before you really start to engage.  “Listening” to online conversations and watching who is engaging with whom will make your Twitter strategy much more powerful, so it’s well worth setting aside the time to do so.

Once you know your way around; start to speak. When you’ve listened for a while and you have something worth saying you can start to ‘Tweet’.  Make your tweets relatively neutral to start with or make them responses to things being asked on the site.  Only once you’ve built up a bit of a following should you even think of tweeting anything in any way controversial!

Build your community. Although, like anything else in life, Twitter isn’t a game of numbers, people do tend to think that a healthy number of followers is impressive.  Without a doubt, the best way to attract real and valuable followers is by publishing valuable content.  The second best way is by commenting on other’s content and the third is by retweeting.  Executed properly, each of these activities, carried out regularly will create a really clear and rounded image of your interests and your passions as well as demonstrating a thorough knowledge of your sector.

Link to your other profiles from Twitter. LinkedIn is a great boost when you’re job hunting and with Twitter you can link to your LinkedIn profile.  Before you do this though, make sure your LinkedIn profile is spot on – it’s a powerful combination.

Retweet what movers and shakers are saying. Retweeting things said by leaders in the aviation industry shows that you have your ear to the ground and truly “get” the big picture.  There are tools that can help you sniff out good, relevant tweets, such as TweetDeck.  By associating yourself with these leaders, you will start to gain credibility very quickly.

Sniff out job-related Twitter handles and follow them. A Twitter handle is a username chosen by anyone using Twitter.  Made up of 15 characters, each Twitter handle has a unique url, which makes it stand out.  You’ll find that many aviation employers have job-related Twitter handles and sniffing those out and following them is a great way to stay close and up to date with what’s happening on the job front.

Let the real you shine through. When you get confident on Twitter, you can start to let your personality come through in your posts.  This is the perfect way to stand out in a crowd, however, make sure you tweet wisely and with social intelligence, otherwise you could shoot yourself right in the foot!

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