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Top 10 Official Digital Marketing Blogs to Subscribe

  • October 16 2017
  • Shamsher

The concept of learning  Digital Marketing, online business opportunity & SEO blogs are keeping one-self updated time to time about the digital marketing and online business.

People who want to start a digital business or want to market their business website online using digital marketing techniques or people who want to pursue a career in digital marketing then they should just follow and subscribe these top rated official blogs on the web.


  1. Moz Official Blog

Rand Fishkin has established this site way back in the year 2004 to provide valuable facts and information for the beginners of SEO consultants. You can avail the facility of “Learn SEO” from this site.
moz blog


  1. Forbes Business Magazine       

Search engine land is famous for sharing current news, they share most popular stories.

forbes blog


3. Entrepreneur Magazine

This site also describes digital marketing, if anybody wants to go in detail for this concept, they can follow the same link mentioned above.


  1. SearchEngineLand Blog

Especially for SEO & SEM Industry news updates.  If you subscribe to the search engine and blog, you shall be updated with the latest news through email or through social websites.

search engine land blog

  1. Matt Cutts Official Blog (Former Google Employee (Head of Search Spam Team)

Matt Cutt himself a Google employee, heading a team of the web-spam team. He shares knowledge about searches and SEO techniques.

mattcutts blog


  1. Bruce Clay Official Blog

One of the most interesting sites, it will give you the idea and knowledge about digital marketing modules like SEO, PPC, SMM, ORM, and SMM etc. The more you read the “bruceclay.com/blog/” the more you learn.

bruce lay blog


  1. Facebook Newsroom Blog

It is one the popular social websites, I don’t need to say much but yes people should get connected with their family friends and near & dears through this site. This site not only gets connected people but also updates all about latest happenings, it is worth staying tuned through this site.

facebook official blog


  1. Linkedin Official Blog

It is a professional site, one can avail benefits of its services, and it can be used for commercial purpose too. Mainly working professional people use this site in mass. Following their blogs will give you the knowledge of the job, education, and business.

linkedin official blog


  1. Google Official Blog

Before you start doing digital marketing, you must know some basic concept about it. Above mentioned links are the suggested sites you should follow to update yourself with latest changes and information.

google official blog


  1. Quora Official Blog

My favorite Quora's official blog. Quora is nowadays hub for online marketers to promote their products in real time forum conversation. you must subscribe its blog updates for announcements and other major news from the world's top discussion forum.

quora news blog

you can learn a lot about digital marketing, SEO, and blogging if you subscribe their email newsletter and don't forget to follow these blogs on social media to stay updated with the news feed.

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