Strategic Marketing Paves Your Way

Strategic Marketing Paves Your Way


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Strategic Marketing


Strategic marketing is as subtle a thing as it is exciting. It takes some pain to get just the first vague signs of getting up and running. However, this game is really worth the candle. 

Learning and following but a few strategic marketing tips can change your whole life for the better. Just take a bit of effort and get a little knack for that right now!

This is really important because the industry has become highly competitive. There are about 300,000 hosting services around the globe. The market grows by at least 13% each year. Most of these companies are small to medium-sized. To withstand the ever-toughening competition, one really needs to stand out and impress customers!

Most of these companies are small to medium-sized. To withstand the ever-toughening competition, one really needs to stand out and impress customers!

It does take strategic marketing to breakthrough. 

You should be ready to do a bit of planning and research of the segment and be able to feel the trend. 

Monitor it: as you execute your project, keep track of how it is going. 

Continue on with your outlined marketing strategy, keep pace and always make improvements where necessary.

No Mistakes!


Even a tiny mistake can mess the whole thing up and throw you back to the Stone Age. This is exactly what happens when you fail to market your product properly.

To avoid mistakes, you need a little history lesson and see how marketing has been going over the last ten years. As to how you should and how you should not brand your product, check the vivid New Coke failure case and similar ones!


This applies to all types of business, and hosting is no exception. For customers, the choice of a decent provider is quite a bit of a challenge. 

With that in mind, you can go further and down to outlining your strategic marketing tactics.

Seven Marketing Tips


  • Set Your Goals!


Outline a strategic marketing plan – a composition of elements related to and influenced by a company’s business activities. To do so, one should know something about the niche he or she is going to work in. If you are helping a young hosting service provider, you’d better start with setting goals and objectives. 

Do the mission statement: set the target number of visits, likes, subscribers, positive comments, etc., per unit of time. Be sure that your customers really benefit from using your service. 

Make sure that your marketing strategy meets your customers’ desires and opportunities. Tailor your advertising and pricing policy in the most attractive and customer-oriented fashion.



  • Do Content Marketing.


Content marketing is the backbone of any decent project with a target audience. Investment is something that paves your way. It is not about how many bucks per day you are throwing into advertising. It is a quality-makes-quantity matter: do not hesitate to hire a qualified content writer and run a blog. 

This is the best way to keep your customers informed and interested. Be sure that the content is written consistently and updated regularly. It is highly advisable to use effective search engine optimization (SEO) tactics. 


Some companies find this whole thing a little costly. However, it appears to be the only way to do well, and it really pays off over time. Yes, because it is what attracts customers pretty much. The 90% of B2Bs doing at least a bit of content marketing testifies to that. According to 2018 Benchmarks, Budget and Trends, B2Bs are ready to spend about 40% or more of their budgets on content marketing.


There are not so expensive content-marketing techniques. Social media, blogs and email newsletters have proved to be effective content sharing tools. Just put yourself in your customers’ place: who and what your audience is and do they learn what they want to learn from your content? Be sure your content is relevant!


Add new content regularly and keep the information up to date all the time. Be consistent as you post new information. Tell your customers something they don’t know to keep them interested.

Refer to analytical tools to measure your success. Always ask yourself what you could have done to show a better result.



  • Know Your Strong and Weak Spots




This requires a little SWOT analysis. The acronym “SWOT” stands for “Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.”  Check your company’s and market niche’s strong and weak spots with a focus on what might threaten your brand. Finally, be open about yourself: every user should know who and what the chosen hosting provider is.


Know your position in the segment. It is the best thing to know how your sphere is going, so you get a clearer picture of how your hosting business is doing. Turning to a reputed business technology provider would be a great option. See how low or high your company ranks among similar ones and why. 


GoDaddy is a bright example of how a company can and should adjust to changing public expectations. 

The firm has been around for several years, and now it has shifted from mere brand advertising to providing witty and humorous commercials. This is all thanks to the use of advanced streaming technologies and tools. The company personally addresses small business owners and shares real success stories with the world at large.


  • Use Available Tools


Every small company (and individual) has a bunch of affordable tools at hand. You just need to use them properly – this makes all the difference in the world!  


  • Start a blog: maybe you are even better at content marketing than you think!
  • Use social media to promote your service (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc.)
  • Search engine optimization and link-building is something you can learn yourself too.
  • Use Email Lists to let your email contacts know about your business.
  • Various paid advertising options (Google Adwords, Re-Targeting, etc.) can be really helpful.


These are but a few channels, which can help you make a name without having to invest a King’s ransom!



  • Make Attractive Offers and Propositions – 

Here is how GoDaddy works – a vivid example of how a decent marketing tool can make your offer really attractive!


Developing a customer value proposition (CVP) could be a very effective step. This should take a bit of research of your target audience. 


More specifically, you can carry out quantitative and qualitative research. The former focuses on how many people prefer a particular product; the latter says why they prefer this product. 


This is but the most important part of your marketing strategy. You get down to this when you have understood your audience. Now you know how your message can resonate with them. Just start doing what you have said you can do for your customers!


Successful companies are always specific about their offers. For example, this year’s Bluehost’s simple, flexible discounted plans and/or credits embrace all categories of users. The Shared plan is just right for start-ups. The VPS offers a broader array of options and room for further growth. The Dedicated provides a whole package of services and security options for high-traffic websites and long-standing businesses.


Be creative when presenting your project to customers. Storytelling can get crowds to read your content and want to test a plan.


 Share examples of how well your service has worked for many people.

 Make visuals when possible and use clear and concise language.

Do not expect to gain immediately. Strategic marketing is highly iterative, so be ready to have to make a dozen of attempts. 

Try different techniques and approaches!



  • Make Your Customers’ Feel Comfortable with You



It is absolutely imperative that you keep pace and follow through with your plans and goals. Once you have gotten up and running, press hard and don’t let go. The marketing environment changes all the time, and you are to live up to these changes.


Monitor your audience’s mood, always look for new ways and methods, outline new offers, analyze results and do your utmost to preserve it. There are tons of tools, techniques, and options that you can make your customers feel comfortable.


Do make your customers want to stay with you. Free them from the routine of discussing basic things over the phone or email and introduce a chatbot. Thus they can get answers to most common questions over seconds. 

Use other AI features, such as voice search, and make it comfortable to users in all respects. 

Do not forget about the vertical video, because there are lots of vertical screen devices out there in use.

Gen Z is maturing and getting buying power. Also, they are getting through the hardships of this economically turbulent world and would appreciate a safe place. Try to build a socially responsible enterprise to attract them.



  • Live and Learn!


Last, but not least, are seminars, meetings, and conferences, both online and offline. 

There is hardly a better way of learning than through live interaction, as you get information first-hand and share your own experience with others. Such events give you extra milestones and help you set new standards in your continuing voyage for success.


How Good is Your  Hosting’s Marketing Strategy?


There are crowds of providers with similar plans and services. To earn a place in the sun, you should make potential customers want to choose your company instead of a competitor.

A decent marketing strategy is not just about moving ahead and reaching the top. One must be honest about the hardships and one should be able to find solutions. The bigger a problem is, the more effectively you act in locating and pinpointing. Serious issues urge us to mobilize efforts and resources, strike hard and win.

There are a number of simple methods of checking how good or bad a strategy a company has chosen. The most common indicators include the audience’s activity (traffic dynamics), sales lead quality and conversion rates. 


An example of Ahrefs organic traffic dynamics statistics for

These parameters do reflect sales and appear to be the mirror of the strategy’s effectiveness and, consequently, a hosting’s success.



As follows from the above, strategic marketing is everything in hosting and other types of business. Building an effective marketing strategy is extremely important because there is a very fine line between success and failure. 

Take a closer look at the world around you, as it is increasingly tough and complex. So are marketing techniques, which you must have in your arsenal to break through and take your place in the sun!


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