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How to Start Writing a Blog Step by Step Guide

Confused- Whether to start a blog or not!

Let`s discuss more on it.

In today’s time, many people have start writing their own blogs. Around thousands of blog launched every day by famous & aspiring bloggers. Blogging is something where people share their thoughts, express their feeling, ideas and stuffs related to environment, societies, relationship and etc.

Writing a blog- sounds easy, but it also requires a weekly or monthly updates to remain in trending otherwise you will not get any success form your blog.

If you are updating the blog timely, and staying in touch with your followers then surely you will get the success.

You will find many sites saying- if you are not sure about writing a blog, then never opt this option. Never believe on these stuffs.

Generally, when people look a successful blog, the first thought which comes to their mind is- “Ohh it`s easy, I can also write it.” These people have to understand that writing a successful blog takes time and lot of work.

If you are updating your blog in every three times a week, then surely it will generate a full income for you. Never think that your blog will become successful in just right away. You have to spend several hours for writing a successful blog, then it starts receding any views, comments or shares. This thing will remain true for all your articles until you establish a readership.
You have to be completely focus on your blog to make it successful, or you can hire some people who can write articles for you. Then surely you have to make some sacrifices in your personal life to make your blog successful. Start reading other famous blogs, try to learn from them, instead of watching television, movies or hanging out with friends.

You have to work hard to make your blog successful. Always learn some new and different aspects of blogging, which make it successful.

In this article, I`m sharing few tips for writing a successful blog.

First Choose a topic which you love the most:

A big mistake which generally done by people is to choose a topic in which they have no interest, just by the thought it will make more money.

Choose a topic for which you are passionate about. If you launch a topic in which you are not having any interest, then after sometime you will stop updating it, and you blog start fading from the trend, followers will stop following you. In short, you won`t be able to make any money.

Just think about the website and blogs which you generally read, from this you will get an indication of the topic on which you focus more. If you are interested in Fashion, then start writing fashion blogs, if you are interested in travelling and gadgets then choose a topic according to it. There are many topics, but you have to decide in which topic you are interested.

Define the target audience for your blog and serve to your audience:

What all you want, is to have a dedicated audience for the blog by carefully understanding the needs of them from the start, and then start writing the content which serves the best to audience.

The more widely you define your target audience, the easier it will be to identify the people. Fulfilling their needs by providing the content which they are looking for, and reaching them with you advertising and marketing messages.

The target audience or market which you identify for your online content can be defined using one or multiple criteria, or by various demographic, characteristics, like:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Occupation
  • Hobbies
  • Club Memberships
  • Income Level
  • Interests
  • Geographic area
  • Reaching to a proper targeted demographic audience on the web is quite easy.
  • Pick a good domain name:

Searching of a good domain name might be a difficult task, but it is an essential part of branding your blog, ‘.com’ is the best domain name extension. But if you find a different domain name which uses something different, then it may be worth opting for it.

Go Daddy is the best domain name searching site, one can select it`s favorite domain from Go Daddy. It offers many monthly plans, select the plan which suits you the best. Before buying your domain, just check that appropriate social media accounts username are also available or not.

Once you satisfy with your domain name, just register it on Go Daddy website.

Choose a Reliable Blog Post:

It`s good if you host your blog with a company which is reliable and also offers fast response time. You will get a cheap shared hosting account at $4.99 per month, which is good for at least four to five months, once you will start getting the good traffic, then upgrade your hosting solutions.

Choose a Beautiful and elegant theme:

Using a professional theme is important because visitors will make a judgment very soon about the blog within seconds of loading. You only have one chance to make a good impression on them.

I would recommend you to use a clear and professional theme. Try to avoid cluttering up your blog design with too many banners. In beginning, your main aim is just to establish a readership.

Theme: A good looking, beautiful & professional theme gives you look and feel which you want to show in your blog. It exactly designs the blog according to you. I know, it`s not easy to make a website if you are not a coder, but there are many CMS available in markets such as WordPress, Wix, Webley and much more. Pick an attractive theme from there, purchase it, which are inexpensive for the time which you save, and which you own it for your life.

A theme has two halves: Framework (the bones) and the Child Themes (The beauty).

Framework: There are several WordPress theme frameworks in the market, but no doubt Genesis is the best and the most flexible choice. Genesis is the first half of the theme. Sometimes, many themes won`t be able to handle the aesthetics of your new blog, but Genesis is the one which provides a necessary foundation for your child Theme. Just Simply go to Studio Press and purchase this Genesis Framework.

Child Theme: Once you got your Genesis Framework, you will be easily found the right Child Theme- in simple language, it`s a ‘blog design’.

Speed up the blog:

A slow loading blog design, frustrate the readers and increase the chance of clicking them on the back button on their browser before you even load the page. Hence, it is important that you should optimize your blog so the pages can be load quickly. Some search engines also rank the fast loading websites on top, so optimizing the blog design will help you to gain more search engine traffic.

There are few ways to increase the speed of your blog:

  • Choose a web host with fast response times.
  • Make sure you optimize your image.
  • Remove all WordPress Plugins which affects your performance.
  • Start using Content Delivery Network
  • Try to reduce the saved number of post revisions.
  • Must optimize you Blog for Search Engines:

WordPress is already having some core version of SEO features, like the ability to use some pretty permalinks and the option to change the article page slug, by which you can optimize your blog further.

Installing a WordPress SEO plugin like WordPress SEO or All in one SEO pack will increase the search engine of your blog.

A large amount of traffic will come only from the search engines, so optimizing your blog should be the high priority.

The Content should be Great:

In 1996, Bill Gates said some amazing lines related to content i.e. “Content is King”. He rightly believed that, like the television, the big money was in content.

Life of blogs totally depends on Content. If you want to make a successful blog, who will also earn money for you, then focus more on publishing high-quality content on a regular basis. It totally depends on your interest how much you want to improve it.

  • Spend time in reading more articles and blogs.
  • Spend time in improving your writing skills.
  • Be honest in your writing and only give opinion on those issues in which you feel strong about.
  • Make sure that your article is free from grammatical errors or spelling mistakes.
  • Write your own thoughts and views- don’t do copy and paste of another article.
  • Learn from other articles- follow other bloggers and look how they write the article, try to adapt it to your own writing style.

The main key is to give more value to readers. You can do this by a review, tutorials, news, and videos. If you are good in attracting the reader towards you by your writing style, then surely they will subscribe to your next future articles.

Always maintain a high standard on the blog, be sure if the blog is not ready, then do not publish it. It is advisable to complete the article before publishing, revise article many time just to make sure it is error free.

If you want to attract more user, then write link bait articles. These articles have a better chance of being shared by visitors and being linked from another blog; which in turn will rank them on top position in search engines and will generate more traffic on your blog.

Hence, these are some essential tips which one can use to write a blog and to make it successful

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