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List of Social Media Scheduling Tools for Small Business

  • July 13 2021
  • Shamsher

Present-day marketing, or rather Social media marketing, is a very fast-paced field. The tides of what is interesting content change almost daily and brands need to keep up with the trends as fast as possible to grow their customer base. 

Social media scheduling platforms are a great way to save time and use it efficiently to queue content and post simultaneously on all platforms instead of releasing content one by one. Different businesses have different priorities and expectations on how to run their social media feeds and having help from seasoned professionals greatly improve their scope for success. Here are some tools that can be used up make sure all your social media content and marketing team and other team members are on the same page. Two birds and one stone! 

  1. ContentCal

ContentCal is a great content calendar and social media scheduling platform that can help all kinds of businesses and individuals by allowing the user to plan their content. It includes features such as


  • Streamlining your content creation time and making it easy to find what you're looking for.

  • Tidy up the approval process. Feedback, review, comment, amend. All in one place.

  • Get clear on your campaigns. Keep everything in one easy-to-find place.

  • Content creators can use the application to design visual content by modifying the layout and adding a header colour and personalized logo. 

  • Choose the prime time to post and schedule your content quicker.

  • Collect ideas from across the team and create a library of inspirational content.


They have a 14-day free trial period where you can test all their premium features for free and make sure it suits all your needs. Their paid ‘Pro’ version starts at $59 a month while the premium, enterprise and pro versions can be customised and the cost will be adjusted accordingly.

Find out more on their website!



  1. Planable 

Planable is a platform that has almost all the important features required to excel in the digital space. It is a free social media collaboration and management tool trusted by marketers to plan, collaborate, approve and schedule their social media posts. Planable has a popular feature where there is an approval system for scheduled social media posts. Team members can fine-tune the scheduled content before it goes live to always ensure that whatever is being released is of the best quality. Particular editing power can be given to only certain groups and individuals which leads to far less confusion in the marketing process and more transparency between teams. Find out more on their website!


  1. Falcon

Falcon is a platform that essentially provides its customers with features that help engage, measure, schedule and publishes social media content to grow their website or social media platform. Falcon helps you search for the right audience using social media for the service or goods you provide. Their content calendar will help you attract them with the right mix of channels and timing. You can align all your social media management activities in one place.

Falcon offers two price plans-:


  • The Essential plan targets single users or small businesses and focuses on a content calendar and a campaign planner using advanced analytics and community management. 

  • The Full Suite is more designed for larger companies with multiple teams and markets. It consists of everything from the Essentials Plan and adds in social media advertising, competitor benchmarking, and collaboration, approval flows and more. Find out more on their website!



  1. Sprout Social 

Sprout Social is known to easily and effectively plan, organize and deliver content and campaigns across social networks. Using sprout you can publish across various social media platforms simultaneously instead of jumping back and forth between all of them and wasting time. Sprout also gives you a space to interact with marketing managers, content writers, and any other team member at the same place which reduces the chances of misunderstandings and has the whole team on the same page. Sprout also has the feature of social ad reporting to boost ROI from the paid content you’re scheduling. 

Sprout has three modes of pricing- Standard which starts at $99 per month, Professional which is $149 per month, and Advanced which is $249 per month. All of these options come with a free trial period as well as a demo session to help you choose the plan that suits your requirements.

Find out more on their website!



  1. Sked Social 

Sked Social is an awesome platform that is very well known for its Instagram scheduling feature. Its social media content features allow users to prepare their photos, captions, and even select hashtags beforehand and save commonly used ones for repeated use. They even have a feature where the user can drag and drop a scheduled post on their feed before it goes live to ensure it matches with the aesthetics of their feed and make changes if necessary. Sked had a 7 day free trial for their 3 pricing hierarchies. Their Fundamentals plan is $25 per month, Essential is $75 a month, while Professional is $135 per month. Each of these prices can further be reduced by 16% if the annual subscription is taken out. 

Find out more on their website!



  1. CoSchedule

The reason business owners or enterprises use social media scheduling apps is to save on time and effort. CoSchedule knows this and emphasises the importance of efficiency while marketing. Integrating with company blogs via WordPress, the platform allows brands to publish and push content to social media simultaneously which greatly saves on time. CoSchedule provides a comprehensive “Top Content Report” which documents social shares and engagement which helps keep track of what content the customers are best enjoying and want to see more of. They have a two-tier pricing system. Marketing Calendar starts at $39 per month or $29 per month if you take an annual subscription. The Marketing Suite is a customisable option and the price per month depends on the features that you want and select. 

Find out more on their website!

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  1. Feedly 

Feedly is another ingenious platform that not only helps users to schedule posts for social media but also curates content especially for you. Instead of constantly having to look for news or relevant pieces to publish to your audience in between your own scheduled social media posts, Feedly does the research work for you. Feedly automatically integrates with Sprout Social to help organise and plan your posts while curating fresh content for you. 

Find out more on their website!


Conclusion: In the digital marketing field, time is an extremely valuable commodity. Using platforms that help you maintain your posting schedule, organise your planner, encourage team discussions and the flow of ideas is imperative for a successful business. navigating the fast-paced nature of the online space can make or break a business, therefore it may be wise to invest in and have the necessary tools to navigate it by your side.

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