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Let’s go back to my analogy in the early articles where everything you do adds to the imaginary points value that Google and other major  search engines use to assess your rankings. 

The more you make your website interactive, the longer people will stay.  The general thinking is, the more social media elements you add,  the more often visitors will visit and find your website relevant to its subject matter.

Search engines believe those rules mentioned in the last paragraph, sold you should make play a big role in your website’s optimization.

If you are  a novice you might be asking right now, “what are social media elements?”  When you understand what social media elements are, it’s not a long leap from there to social-media optimization.

Social Media is content created by people using highly accessible and scalable publishing technologies.

A better definition might be that social media elements are works of user-created video,  audio, text, or other multimedia that are published and shared in a social media environment, such as a blog, wiki, or video hosting website.

Well-known sites are engaged in social media are BlogSpot, Blogger, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, and Flickr.

Creating your own social media elements such as blogs on your website is what brings traffic to your website and adds to your website content.

One of the best things about social media is that in general most elements are free in terms of monetary investment.

There is,  for the most part, no cost to participate in these networks except for your investment of time, which depending  on how involved you get could become substantial.

When correctly tapped into social media, marketing spread like a virus. This is why it is sometimes called viral marketing.

Viral marketing is not a bad thing. When you participate in social media, you can almost guarantee that your marketing will soon have that viral quality you’re seeking.


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Unfortunately, social media optimization is not as simple as going to a website and signing up or starting a one-paragraph blog and waiting for people to come to your website.  For the most part, they won’t.

Approaching social media in that manner will waste your time, and by the time you figure it out the bad reputation you may leave behind may haunt your website or domain name.

Managing your reputation on the web is called reputation management in SEO circles and I could write another article just on this topic.

I have hundred of stories on what to look out for and stories of companies ruined on the web because of social media.

The basic to keep yourself from having a bad reputation in social media networking is this: when you provide input using social media methods, make sure you do the following:

  1. Provide only relative content and no exaggerated claims.
  2.  Add positive comments and don’t make it appear as though you trying to outdo someone else or are advertising your services. People don’t forget when a faker try to jump in their midst for purely marketing purpose.  You are marketing but this is social networking, You are making friends.
  3.  If you are not an expert, make sure your claim is accurate. There is a real expert on every subject who will point out your flaws with actual data.
  4.  Don’t ignore people’s issues with your product or services related to social media marketing.  Address them Immediately or you are inviting everyone who has ever had a small issue with your product or service to add their two cents.
  5. Don’t bad mouth a competitor – your only inviting a riddle wave of retribution from your competitors and others.

Seems easy enough, right? Social-Media optimization is about first joining communities and crating n relationship or friends.

It’s by going through the process of becoming part of the community and providing relevant and helpful information that your brand will begin to be recognized by other community members.

That’s when you can announce that your website has useful information, and your efforts will begin to pay off.

#Social Media Value

Some sites have obvious value in social media.

Website such as Myspace, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook are all websites that no one thought would amount to anything when they began, but they each suddenly took off in their own way, becoming some of the most popular sites on the internet.

Internet users like something to do and to be a part of something bigger. They love to be a part of the community and that includes online communities as well.

The generation that has just entered the workforce and those growing up right now are very computer and internet savvy.

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For the most part, this generation has been a part of those social networking sites during their schooling.

These sites have provided everything from evaluations of teachers, classes, entertainment events, self-advertising keeping up with the latest school rumors, and even schools providing their school event calendars.

When this generation is out of school rumors and even schools providing their school event calendars.

When this generation is out of school they become involved in all kinds of activities online, from shopping and downloading music to participating in social networks. The kids are networking socially for different reasons than adults, but both have learned to participate.

#Social Media Strategies

So you have a website and you need to market it.  Using social media is different than most marketing techniques you are taught in economics or marketing in college – At least until they stop using a 15-year-old textbook.

Now there are thousand of sites and you can make you own social media components, but the goals are the same. In the end, your goal is to:

Know-How to target your audience and deliver the right massage: If you approach the wrong audience with the wrong massage, you will learn a quick lesson in reputation management when the court opinion attempts to destroy your reputation.

Create Valuable Content: Good content is key to social media marketing. If you make it a point to create fresh, unique content regularly, visitors will come to you because they know they can find the current information they need.

If you are afraid of giving away all your eggs except on a one-on-one sales call, you will get your massage very slowly.

Be a Valuable Resource, even if it doesn’t help you monetarily: If you try to help without expecting anything in return you gain points and you can gain a good reputation which will in turn, draw users to your website.

Always wearing your salesman hat works in the corporate world but online it is a death sentence.

Be a User Resource: Internet Users and especially those users, who participate in social media and social networking, expect you to provide information that is useful and relevant to them.

If you’re not providing accurate and helpful information, they‘ll go to someone who is and bad mouth you on the way.

Help your content spread: One way of advertising your website’s services or products discreetly is to use your trophy and long-tail keywords in your helpful tips and comments on social media sites.

Search engines also index this information and when people use search engines to search on those keywords, your blog or other social networking submission shows up.

Another good tips is to collect or group your helpful information into other online content such as  PDF, an audio file or video file which you can provide links for.

Increase your linkability: You want useful information that other site owners find valuable enough to put a link on their website to yours.

The linkability of your site is determined by the amount of content that you have available to users who might come from social networks. Old information that rarely changes will not help, so make sure your content is updated regularly.

Make bookmarking your site easy: Don’t make users try to figure out how to add your blog or site to their content feed. Post your URL or code for visitors to add you to their important links or their website.

Use a tool called RSS Button Maker at to create a button.

Rewards Helpful User: If you have users that are helpful and /or send business your way, find a way to reward those users so they will continue to be helpful, especially if you made the sale.

Don’t be afraid to try new things: use your creativity to do something different as often as possible. In social media, optimization creativity is rewarded.


Conclusion: Here we have shared few tips about social media read and let us know in the comment what you think or if you have any new ideas you can share them in the comment below.

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