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11 Free Business Tools for Digital Marketers

  • June 26 2018
  • Shamsher

Irrespective of whether you happen to be an SME or a brand new startup, you must have what it takes to market yourself aggressively and that’s why a digital marketing course in Gurgaon, Delhi should come handy. Heck, you can try out any digital marketing course and as long as it delivers, you should be on the right track. Instead of waiting for the course to get over, you can try out some of these business apps today and help propel your business to a whole new trajectory as far as growth is concerned.


Google analytics: Ever since Google analytics was first introduced in 2005, it has since then grown to become a powerful analytics tool. In fact, all websites or most of them anyway use Google analytics in one form or another to assess their website and to carry out the required tweaks. The good news is that Google analytics is free of charge and it is also one of the first things that you need to install on your website so as to give you a good idea of what needs to be done to give traffic a boost. It is designed to track everything from the moment you go on air, with its unique tracking codes, making it a very effective analytics program


Keyword planner: Yet another application from Google and this one is a mix of keywords tool and Google adwords estimator; it primarily researches keywords and provides invaluable data on its competitiveness, and traffic volume. This tool is quite handy and should help in ramping up the traffic volume. You can use this tool to check out your keywords, assess its performance and use the most effective ones in your campaigns’.


Buzzsumo: Buzzsumo does what others failed to tap and that’s to assess past keywords, both long tail and short tail ones and to display current trending topics utilizing the same. As a result, you can now tweak your current marketing strategy to include content marketing in it, develop content around some of the trending topics, give it a new spin that’s sure to generate interest and you should be set.


Hootsuite: This was one of the early entrants to the field of social media and as such, it soon integrated all the other social media platforms into it. As a result, most SMEs and startups utilize Hootsuite to run their social media marketing campaigns. Think of it in terms of all shops under one roof and you’ll get the idea of what you can accomplish with just this one platform and that’s saying a lot where social media marketing is concerned. It comes as both a free and paid version where the free version allows you to manage up to three business profiles.


Similar web: Similar web is an intelligence-gathering tool that most marketers use to gleam data and information on their competitor websites.  The tool provides a comprehensive overview of traffic as well as in-depth marketing analysis, current traffic, expected reach and much more. What makes this tool stand out is the fact that it provides all of this for both the US and global categories with audience breakdown. As it is, this is an effective marketing tool that nearly every marketer utilizes to gather intelligence on some of his closest competitors. With the free version, you can only compare two websites whereas with the pro-version, you can compare up to 5 at a time.

Boomerang: Every business has woken up to the fact that email marketing is one of the effective ways to reach out to more consumers and given this, you may want to consider using the boomerang. It syncs with Gmail perfectly and is the perfect application to use to run targeted mail campaigns. You can set it up in such a way that the emails reach your recipient at the optimal time which is usually morning and in case they have not opened it, get the same sent back to you as a reminder. This application makes it easy for you to optimize and run an effective email marketing strategy.


SEM rush: SEMrush is to date one of the most powerful SEO and competition analysis tool and that’s saying a lot. It seems to have finessed its abilities better over the last few years that it stands heads and shoulders above the rest when it comes to analyzing the competition. All you have to do is to enter the URL of the competitor website and SEM rush will kick into gear and list out all their keywords, traffic info along with backlinks and much more. You could not ask for a more comprehensive competition analysis tool than this one.


Hotjar: Hot Jar goes all out to give you the competitive edge you need over your competition; it analyses your website including any mobile interface as well and provides you with an overview of how your website is performing, with a closer focus on user interaction, and point out on how you can increase their user experience. In short, with Hotjar, you can look forward to increasing that conversion rate.


Canva: With more websites featuring infographics as a way to entice users to stay on the page to check the relevant information out, it has become more relevant for you to use free applications like Canva to create your own infographics. Canva comes with digitally enhanced images, templates that you can use to create feature rich infographics. Please note that not all the features of the site are free but that being said you should still be able to tinker with everything from the layout to fonts and text styles so that your info graphic stands out for all the right reasons.


Simply measured: Simply measured, to put it simply is a measuring tool that you can use to find out just how well your current campaigns are performing. You can use this tool to get a better read on your social media campaigns and even tweak and optimize the same, with the help of this tool.


Charlieapp.com: Think of this app as your personal secretary and you will have it in a nutshell. This app collates all the information about the people you are about to meet so that you can learn more about that person, from their preferences, social media posts, birthday, common hobbies and much more. It stores all the information in an organized manner so that you can walk into that meeting better prepared.


These are some of the apps that you can start installing on your website and work on the same so that your site starts raking in more traffic. Of course, the digital marketing institute in Gurgaon should have proved invaluable but coupled with these apps, you should be able to ramp up the traffic in no time at all. O check out these apps, and even search online for more apps as they would all come in handy at any point of time. Please remember that while all these apps are free to install and use, you may have to shell out a small charge to utilize some of its premium features.

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