5 SEO Trends That Will Make Your Website Visible in Google Top Position (1st Rank)

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Search Engine Optimization or SEO process is a helpful tool for websites to improve more over time. And since one of the main goals is to establish a substantial online presence, it takes some effort too. Also, as Google is the most-used search engine, more and more sites are aiming to reach a top position in terms of ranking. Now, it’s possible. One way of achieving it is through optimization. But then, how does it work?


There are different techniques used in SEO. These are online trends as well, which are proven already to work successfully. Websites have to ensure their continuous online activity too, which is a tremendous significant factor for having increased search visibility. All of these, when used, are effective. Having a top spot in Google site rankings is an edge worth having. It’s an advantage, so better keep that opportunity. You may hire a hire remote SEO specialist or learn it all by yourself.


And for you to know more about it, here are some ways that you can use. These are helpful tips that can give you an extra push for reaching the peak. A top position in Google in terms of website visibility may be the stepping-stone for you. So, make this as your guide.

1. Use Relevant, Quality, And Specific Keywords

If you are a beginner in handling a website, you have a lot to know more. The virtual world is not that easy for anyone who aspires to gain a vast or massive online audience. Efforts are much needed. But, above all, creativity plays a crucial role. And it mostly appears in your website content, including photos and videos. Now, you have to make sure that they are all worth reading. Catch the attention and spark the interests of your target online viewers. 


To help you, use keywords. These are not ordinary words you put in the article or any write-ups. It has to be relevant. The main ideas should connect with the keywords. You can also back it up with links to increase search visibility on the landing page. Keywords will help your website appear on top results too. If you are having a problem, consider having a home based SEO freelancer to guide you. 

2. Voice Search Engine Optimization

Make your website convenient and accessible. One effective way to do this is by using a voice search engine. It’s one of the current online trends or features used. It allows your online users to minimize hassle in accessing through your site. Also, it keeps your website competitive with online demands. Internet users are expecting high standards, so it’s best to exceed their expectations. It’s a significant development too. You’ll increase search visibility as people can look for information in your site effortlessly.


Voice search engines are great tools for websites to use. Make sure you utilize it. Along with the keywords, it adds views or exposure to your web content once searched. So, it is indeed helpful.

3. Put Photos And Videos In Your Web Content

When you say web content, it’s not merely about articles alone. Since it’s the 21st century, the virtual world has a lot of photos and images used in either promoting a brand or informing many people. It’s now the norm. And with so many available resources or tools, it’s not that hard at all to produce quality presentations. Also, one thing: having audio-visuals as contents keep the attention of your online audience. It can also capture interests. So, you can use to draw more online audiences into your online platform. Post often your write-ups with relevant images as well. 


Avoid making it pixelated. As much as possible, using DSLR cameras or info-graphics, if you may. These info-graphics are photos made digitally with an artistic approach. With some cool effects, you’re off to go. Also, know your theme. Be consistent. To help you, you can start to outsource SEO specialists and other pros as well. 

4. Maximize Using Social Networking Sites (SNS)

Have you heard about Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? Probably, you already know one or two about them. They are the mostly-used social media platforms today. Around millions of people are accessing these sites online. It can help your website to grow more. It’s an online exposure too. Once you have an effective strategy to post your site that can draw much attention, everything else will follow. You can create an account on these sites, too, and send the link to your site. There are many ways to do it. Even e-commerce sites are using the same ideas in promotions. So, you can learn a bit from the online marketing experts to hire and take time to avail of their services. 

5. Go Mobile SEO

Design your website not only for desktop users but also for those who use it through mobile phones. Many Internet users are accessing the online world through the tap of their phones. Why? Because it’s handy for most people. Apart from being comfortable, you can also make sure that it’s efficient. Not everyone has a laptop or a computer at home. But everybody has a mobile phone. So, invest in mobile optimization. 


Now, SEO experts can help you. Some tools are not that much different from the ones used in optimization. In terms of website programming or design, input mobile features. Organize your layout too. Make it accessible. Use categories or themes. A mobile-type website can help increase your search visibility. So, don’t miss it out. You can also opt to hire SEO specialists for them to give you a quick hand and heads-up with what to do.

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