What is Question and Answer submission?

What is Question and Answer submission in SEO?

The question and answer sites have gained popularity in recent years and are a major hit these days. Also, it remains unexploited since it is comparatively a new and rising phenomenon.

Question and answer submissions are a strategy that includes the task of answering questions posted by users on different Question and Answer submission platforms or websites. The prime reason why this technique is used is for search engine optimization and to get a link back. These question and answers which are relevant to sites make it easier to get backlinks. The question and answer submission websites are designed to connect to the right answers. They are typically very useful in gaining knowledge.

 Question and Answers sites


Some of the question and answer submission websites allow you to gain some points while you answer questions.  In fact, different websites have different rules and there are plenty of submission websites available. This is a tool that is used to address questions publicly.

Question and answer sites are absolutely the most excellent way to get backlinks and page ranks. This technique is an off-page optimization technique. Basically, you join a high page rank question and answer site and search for questions related to your business or blog or website. You answer the questions clearly. You provide links to your website and that helps in bringing you more visibility and traffic towards your business.

The whole concept of question and answer sites refer to four groups- Social Q&A, Standard Q&A, How to guides and Q&A search engines. And they are used in different ways too. Recent trends show that people use more questions to search for their requirements rather than using generic keywords. This shows that there is an increased need in the search volume of question queries and a slight decrease in the search volume of generic keywords. Off lately, our search habits have gone through an evolution. And it can be seen that the website traffic to question and answer and “how-to” sites has been increased drastically.

Why are the Question and Answer sites soaring high?

The question and answer sites are reaching new heights because people love to flaunt and share their knowledge. It can be easily done by answering queries in their area of expertise, be it forums, communities or Question Answer websites. With relevant answers to questions, you can always add links to divert traffic towards your websites or blogs. It is a great opportunity to diversify your backlinks profile. Due to the diversification of backlinks your website, business or blog look more natural. Chances are higher than your blogs or business will gain more trust.

Referring to Question and answer and “how to” pages is more valuable for users. They are easy to find and with question and answer sites it seems like they are addressing your searches on a personal level. Probably that’s the psychology behind the popularity of these sites. This kind of asset can be built on a separate domain or on a subdomain/subfolder of your existing domain.

How to build your own question answer site?

  • Publish 10-20 questions that include the keywords.
  • Check other Q &A sites to get a rough idea and the trends.
  • Always leave detailed answers to these questions.
  • To make it look natural don’t answer the questions at once.
  • Drive traffic towards your site by using social media.

That’s it. Pretty easy to follow right? With these points, you can be sure that you will have targeted traffic to your website. Targeted traffic results in better conversion i.e., chances are that your customer belongs from the targeted traffic. Applying this same principle, commercial enterprises can build questions and answer sites for the promotion of new products or advertisements. The catch lies in sliding relevant keywords and phrases that gets you higher visibility and leads you towards a higher domain authority price.

List of Top 15 Question & Answer Websites

  1. Blurt it

  2. Yahoo! Answers

  3. WikiAnswers

  4. Ask Me Help Desk

  5. FunAdvice

  6. Answer Bank

  7. AskDeb

  8. AardVark

  9. Able2Know

  10. Mahalo Answers

  11. Twitter

  12. Answerly

  13. AnswerBag

These are the top 15 questions and answer website that will help to increase backlink and so traffic to your website.

Conclusion: The internet is a galaxy of websites and blogs. All it requires is the right content for promotion. Q & A sites will definitely get the lost luster back to the astounding blogs, businesses, or websites.

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