Importance of SEO Metric Towards Backlink Analysis

Search engine optimization (SEO) metric is a report that compares data to illustrate the progress of a campaign over some time. SEO metric brings together analysis from Google alongside the aims and conversions with SEO target options like keywords.

With the fact that one can view the report directly from Google Analytics, it is advisable to use the SEO metrics because firstly, it is a simple process and secondly, the report displayed directly from Google analytics does not clearly illustrate the parameters required by the client.

Below are some of the ways through which SEO metrics help in backlink analysis:

Checking Backlink Status

There are two common types of backlinks, which are the do-follow and the no-follow. According to most search engines, like Google, only the do-follow counts. This is because, even though the no-follow backlink makes the site unique and natural, it has no effect on the performance of the search engine and therefore no-follow does not increase ranking. That doesn’t mean that a no-follow link is useless since a natural site will, with time, earn the do-follow links; hence its ranking will rise.


Indicates the Traffic from Search Engines

The SEO metrics helps one to find out how much traffic a site receives each month. One can also view and check the percentage of traffic that comes from search engines and therefore determine the number of organic visits. A good site is one that has at least 50 percent of its total visits coming from search queries. To understand more, you can visit the SEO company which offers search engine optimization services.


Checks the Google Ranking

It is often said, show me your friend, and I will show you your future. The same principle applies here. The index status of a domain linked to yours determines the ranking of your site. The SEO metrics show the ranking of the site that is related to yours. If the link is a do-follow link, Google will count the backlink to your website, thereby increasing the quality and rank of your site.

At times, a site or domain linked to yours may not be ranked. Possible reasons for this could be that the site may have been deleted for violating the guidelines set by Google. Also, the domain may be new; hence it hasn’t been ranked yet by search engines.

What are Backlinks? 

Backlinks refer to several links from other sites that relate to your site. They are the main elements in link building and SEO. After you are done with building a link, you are required to do a backlink analysis to check how Google PageRank (LRT power), Trust Rank Patent (LRT trust), and keyword ratio, among other factors, have changed.

Backlink analysis tools are a requirement for one to do a quality check for your link. Most search engines, like Google, use the backlink check to gauge the quality and authority of your content, and the more backlinks you have, the higher your rank.


Conclusion: Backlinks are one of the crucial factors in SEO. This article will give you an idea about why backlink is important for your website and how can analyze the status of backlink status. You will get to know how to increase traffic and google ranking with the help of a backlink.



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