How to Adapt the Change in Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO started out as a way to classify websites and content according to their niche. Today, SEO has evolved and has become an integral part of how you search on the web.

SEO has its fair share of abusers. Black Hat SEO users exploit and work around current search, keyword and link building algorithms to put their website at the top of search listings. The good news here is that Google is getting wiser on their algorithm updates and started cracking down on these undesirable activities. The search engine giant is making SEO a level playing field for everyone!


Out With The Old (Black Hat)

Deceptive search optimization practices are slowly starting to become obsolete. These include publishing content that’s almost unreadable because of too many keywords, paying for mass link submissions, putting out plagiarized content and spamming your web link or keywords in forums and comment sections.

Google dropped the hammer in 2011 when they released the Panda update. Website owners woke up and found that their website was no longer on top of search rankings. Those who focused on providing helpful, engaging content for their audiences found themselves higher up. The algorithm has become smarter, and it’s now able to tell which content is made for humans and which ones are just stuffed with keywords. The Google bots then arrange site rankings accordingly so the searcher can get top-quality content that leads to an authoritative website.


The Basics You Can Easily Master

White Hat SEO has always been Google’s preference since they came out with search optimization. It’s the only choice for business owners and web owners if they want to stay on top for the long term. Although the idea that you can get up through the rankings pretty quickly using black hat methods is still somewhat valid – you may find yourself losing the top spot overnight. White Hat is great because generally you never have to worry about losing your place and everything you worked so hard for – unless someone is just doing even better SEO than you!

There are 2 important elements in a white hat method- publish content that will give your audience outstanding value, and your site must be seen as a niche authority.

How does one do that? Simple. Build up organic links and constantly update your site with high-quality content.


Quality Content – In Other Words, Writing for People

It’s easy to see that Google has only good intentions for search engines. Their primary mission on each algorithm update is to serve the users with organic content that’s made by people for the people. Google will be happy when you search for something and get exactly what you were looking for right on top.

Quality content is something that your target audience will be expecting to see when they put in a search query, not a bunch of words that don’t make sense. It should be ultimately helpful, informative and gives a direct answer to their need.

Longer content is better as information won’t be crammed as much into each sentence. You will have the chance to explain the content’s concept better and provide helpful examples along the way. The keywords will only be added once you’re fully satisfied with the information. Then, it’s time to spruce up your content with attractive and relevant pictures and videos, which enhances the overall presentation. Secondary LSI keywords are naturally added in as long as you’re writing with your audience in mind.

Google scans your content and sees that it’s very relevant to the keywords you’re ranking for. If you write for people, your audience will learn something, and they may even find it so useful that they hit the “share” button and send it to their friends!

SEO is becoming easier for any site owner. You will no longer have to compute for optimal anchor text ratios, put keywords all over and analyze keywords and phrases. It’s a bit more like blogging- constantly put out engaging, quality content that you know your readers will appreciate.


Natural Link Building

Natural links will play a large part in how Google sees your site as a niche authority. A strong web presence means that there are links that point towards your site and its contents. One way that you can achieve this is by doing guest posts and inviting similar-niche web owners to post on your site. You get a trade that results in more backlinks that equate to success.

Never pay for backlinks. Quality content should be your price of entry in link building. When your website becomes considered as an authority, then people will want to partner up and you’ll get even more traffic. It’s like a vote of approval you get from your niche circle. The better your contribution, the better the relationship!


Conclusion: Slow and steady wins the race, and SEO is no different. Focus on White Hat SEO and soon you’ll be reaping the rewards. You’ll have confidence that you built your site on a solid bedrock that will stand the test of time!

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