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10 Secret Features and Tricks To Create a Trending Hit on TikTok

  • December 10 2020
  • Shamsher

Today, TikTok serves as the fastest-growing social media network that holds a healthy competition for your videos. You need to do hard work and establish perfect methods if you wish to make a viral TikTok video. 

In 2019, TikTok was the fourth popular free iPhone application, which was most downloadable. And TikTok ranks in the second position for the free download downloaded by Android users. From the online research project made by Influencer marketing hub, TikTok has got the highest follower’s count with the traffic and engagement rated over the 100K user’s profiles. 

Best examples of well-known accounts like American singers and social characters, Loren Gray, can possess a 40 million followers rate. 

This article will discuss the top ten hidden secrets and their tricks to make a trending hit of TikTok videos. Then you can taste the special success rate after following these secret tricks.


1. Plan on Your Subject Niche for your video:

The first and foremost feature of every other social media network is where you need your people to know your success rate. You shouldn’t create videos at a random time; you would be posting the videos by hoping that followers will be interested in them. You need to mention a standard rule for your social network activity. 

Ask yourself some queries like:

What is the primary purpose of posting your TikTok videos?

What do you wish to accomplish as a target goal?

In specific, who are your ideal users whom you wish to check your videos?

Remember to generate trending videos to go viral if you wish to know the types of videos similar to what followers love to watch.


2. Try To Post Every Day:

TikTok wishes its achieving video-makers to post more frequently. Suppose your targets your videos to become viral. Also, you need to try creating enough content for followers to check your videos. Don’t maintain your profile with a low scale where your videos are not likely displayed on For You feeds. 

The ideal TikTok accounts release videos with different time slots on a single day. Fine! It might be more challenging for a single person without negotiation on their quantity and quality. Yet, ideally, you need to post a new video every day, every weekend, in the case of a brand. 

The more extensive video content you create, the more frequently you find something that suits today’s viral crazy stuff. Be ensured that every video of yours is similar for your followers and the focused audience.


3. Make Use of TikTok Hashtags:

If you enter your TikTok app and click the Discover button at the bottom, it will reveal your trending hashtags. Trending hashtags creates a perfect sense to follow some of the posts you check on your Discover page if you wish to make your videos trend.

Yeah! TikTok hashtags and working the trending challenges are other best ways to grab the attention to get real followers on TikTok, which organically strengthens you to boost your videos. 


Best trending hashtag challenges that change consistently and are demographic oriented. Some of the top well-known trending hashtags of feeds are #BearWeek, #Phrog. 

4. Build Your Videos with High-Quality Feature:

Do you wish to make your videos look more trending and viral? Then you need to make sure that you are sharing top-quality videos. Even though you need to post your videos consistently, you shouldn’t compromise with the quality instead of targeting quantity. 

You can simply employ smartphones to reach viral content, having high-end professional results. Try the external microphone if the recorded sound is needed. Also, edit your videos. 

Think about the niche for your videos. It requires fascinating and engaging followers. Being decided on a subject niche for your videos and a rule for your TikTok posts, you could ensure that the videos you build will authentically interest your targeted audience.


5. Don’t Overlook Your Sound effects:

Always, the primary factor has been its use of musical sounds in a lenient way on TikTok. Thus the videos that users share. In the West, TikTok developed out of Musical.ly and distributes that platform’s mania to extend music for user videos. 

TikTok builds it amazingly simply to include music for 15 seconds of video clips. It also has a legal organization with several musical companies and brands to allow the music content copyright. 

You can straightforwardly include well-known music tracks for your videos within the app, during the shooting process, or later during the videos’ editing stages. 

Also, the TikTok sound effects have lesser chances for the more extended range of 60 seconds videos, yet there are still tracks on music sounds that can be utilized.


6. Display Your Talents on Videos:

Are you looking for content ideas for your TikTok videos? It’s probably notable for promoting what talents you have. Several TikTok creators make videos of themselves performing something well. It includes playing an instrument, skateboarding, playing a sport, or something lesser standard, such as fire-eating or juggling. Several potential dancers demonstrate their skills in lip-sync videos.


7. Make A How-To Video:

Even though TikTok videos are shorter than 15 to 60 seconds, you have the chance to make how-to videos and tutorials. True! You need to target one particular task. 

You should identify several TikTok tutorials, specifically in the beauty content and cookery subjects niche. If you can break a task down into simple steps that last no more than 60 seconds, it might be a perfect TikTok video tutorial. 

In a few niches, you need to use your TikTok tutorials more as a teaser for your channel on TikTok. Say, for example, it might be tougher to combine a complete recipe into a TikTok video, yet you could receive a sped-up version.

8. Screen A Current Event:

Even the most fanatic TikTok followers identify that there is a world across TikTok. Several TikTok fans have evident likes in what happens in the world of TikTok. Also, they would like to be updated with the current events. You can find several videos emphasizing both significant steps and present in pop culture. 

You only have 15 to 60 seconds for TikTok videos. Hence, it provides an excellent chance for users to hold some factors or views of an event in TikTok videos for everyone to check.


9. Work on Pets & Children on Your TikTok Videos:

Children’s possibly make a less popular niche for your videos as the general TikTok audience is younger, yet pets always make a favorite subject for your TikTok videos. Suppose you have adorable dogs or cats, even massive domestic animals, that perform funny things.


10. Make Lip-Syncing Videos:

On the Tiktok platform, lip-syncing videos might look effective. You should perform mouthing to someone else’s song. Anyhow, the differences in the lip-sync videos are the TikTok hearts. Nearly every TikTok video was lip-synced video effects. 


Author Bio

Alison Williams is a social media content writer who works at Flatfitty, she is an experienced social media analyst, and her passion is to contribute to engaging content for authority blogs and websites. 

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