10 Ways to Scale your Business Using Marketing Funnels

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Every business owner is mostly interested in gaining a broad audience and making concerted efforts towards convincing them that his/her brand is the best choice for their needs. The truth is that not everybody who becomes aware of your business will be willing to buy your product immediately. For some potential clients, you have to convince them to patronize you. 

For you to swirl an intending client/customer to a factual one, you have to guide them through the various buying stages before they can decide to purchase your products or services.  

This article talks about marketing funnel in a broad sense and how you can use marketing funnels to scale your business. 

What Is A Marketing Funnel?

A marketing funnel is a marketing tool that is designed mainly to acquire potential clients/customers to your business. It depicts the various steps a potential client/customer would take as they journey through becoming an active client/customer. 

A marketing funnel portrays your client/customer’s voyage with you starting from when the potential client/customer gains knowledge of your business, to the stage where he/she buys from you.

It equips you with what your business must know and do to sway your clients’/customers’ decisions at every decision-making stage. 

Types of Marketing Funnels

We have various types of marketing funnels. They function in different capacities that are instrumental to the general growth of your business. 

These marketing funnels include:

  • Self-Liquidating Offer (SLO): The ultimate goal of this type of marketing funnel is to affect business visibility and warm leads that have already been purchased from your business. Considering that those who have initially purchased from you comprise your audience, an SLO can effectuate this type of lead.
  • Lead Generation Funnel: This type of marketing funnel is usually used if you desire to build your email list, increase your business followership/audience, or gain some aimed leads before a launch.
  • Organic Content Marketing Funnel: This type of funnel comes to play if you do not want to run any Facebook sponsored ads; alternatively, you can run different funnels with organic marketing.
  • Welcome, Nurture Plus Sales sequence:  This funnel functions as a manner of introduction. An email sequence sends a welcoming message to new leads, providing information on your services.

You can use this email sequence to gain trust from prospective clients as an industry leader. With this type of marketing funnel, you can even share the type of services you offer, your business content, and testimonials to boost customer/client confidence.

  • Discovery Call Funnel:  This type of funnel is notable for converting clients. This is identical to the organic content marketing funnel and the lead generation funnel because you can use opt-ins or content as the pinnacle of your funnel. But this funnel will convert potential clients/customers to factual clients instantly by getting them to sign up for a discovery call instantaneously.
  • Automated Webinar Funnel:  This type of marketing funnel is superb for selling out high-end services or products. Ordinarily, it isn’t easy to sell a high-priced product without the inclusion of a webinar or a discovery call.
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Ways to Scale your Business Using Marketing Funnels 

  1. Repair your Sales Funnels:  Your sales funnel is capable of changing your clients/customers’ status from potential to paying client/customer. If your funnel has leaks, you’ll experience more customer spill-out. 

The opposite is the case when you have a strong funnel. With a strong funnel, you’ll experience fewer spills, more earning power. If you don’t examine your funnels, you may not be aware of the many leaks, and if you don’t review your funnels, you won’t know the ones performing well.

  1. Build and Engage your email list: If you only collect emails and don’t engage them, it will amount to a total waste of resources. You are required to frequently send emails to your list to engage customers and remind them of your availability. Think of it as a show of expertise and an advert all wrapped into one. 

You can send emails such as 

Indoctrination sequence: Otherwise known as a welcome series where you get to know your customers and their problems). 

Lead Magnet Autoresponder: Here, you try to answer client questions and educate them on how to use your products—Webinars, Sequence, broadcast, newsletters are all methods you can adopt. 

You need to make your emails as valuable as possible; else, your customers will stop looking at them.

  1. Customer Relationship Management: If you want to scale your business, you need to pay particular attention to your customers/clients. This usually involves tracking those who bought your products and understanding the metrics. 

This scaling method is functional due as you’ll be able to single out which funnel is performing well, what emails are opened the most, and this will help you maintain an insight on how things work and help you keep in touch with every customer/client you get.

  1. Delegate Responsibilities: Most business owners are in the habit of doing everything themselves. They run their ads, do podcast interviews, write and respond to emails. They are often scared that if they delegate these duties, it won’t be done efficiently. 

While their fears are rational, they still need to delegate these duties as this will enable them to work on their business and not just work in the business. 

When you hire someone to take on some responsibilities, it might look like a step in the wrong direction, but in the long run, you’ll realize it was a good decision, and they would have been able to perform their duties better than you do.

  1.  Private Facebook Group: It is of great importance to open a Facebook private group where customers/clients can connect and have a sincere chat with you. 

As your page becomes active, you begin to build a loyal and supportive fan base who would help answer questions about your products and promote your products.

  1. Pay for your Traffic the Right Way: Before you pay for your traffic, you need to ask yourself these important questions: “who is my target audience? What age bracket do they fall under? What social media platform do they use the most? How do I speak to my target demographic?”. 

You need to ask yourself these core questions and get answers to them before you go for any Ad platform. If you were sincere with the answers to the questions, you’d soon see an increase in your Return of Investment.

  1. Focus on your Products: It would do you a lot of good if you don’t complicate your business by padding up too many products as this will confuse your customers/clients if done haphazardly. 

You should refrain from inflating your prices arbitrarily. If you have to increase your products’ price, you need to add more value to the product. 

The sure way to achieve this is to create additional products or services that will speedily give people their desired results.  

  1. Give Premium Value: When you offer premium value, you have to add value to commensurate the price tag. You can achieve this feat by offering one-on-one coaching or give VIP treatments(because people like to feel special ). 

You may also give additional product guidelines, free consulting, be expedient, give warranties, give bonuses, offer a done-for-you service, etc. 

  1. Build a public profile: The world itself has gone global; thus, you can establish a business owner customer relationship. 

Since you are the owner of your business, people would like to know you, so you need to constantly show them the face behind the business and get them to know you on a personal level. 

This can be achieved when you upload more videos, sign your name in the mails, go live on social media platforms, interact with people, and share your experience with people. 

This is important because people prefer buying from a person they know.

  1. Think Big Go Bigger: You should not be comfortable in the phase you are in. It would be best if you thought big and set ambitious and attainable goals. 

Surround yourself with positive minds that would act as a check on your actions and also help you achieve your set goals. 

You must also bear in mind that the further you go, the lesser the competition because most people do not have the zeal to get to the zenith. 

Hence, if you have to dream, you should as well dream big. 

When you want to scale your business using marketing funnels, it should be done devoid of mistakes using the above-outlined process. However, it isn’t a feat you can complete in one morning. It is a pursuit you need to consciously address as long as you remain in business.

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