Role of Resume Writing Style for Job Seekers

A resume is a very significant document to present ourselves in an interview and it’s neat and clean with resume writing style. Whether you are applying for SEO, Digital Marketing or going to face interview as a  junior accountant.  your resume plays an important role in your selection. As it is said the face is an index of mind in same way resume is considered as the preface of one’s personality, education, and career.

Resume in general sense may look like a document which provides information about the individual. However, there are so many points which will be elaborated and explained unknowingly most of the times about interviewee.

There are various styles of writing a resume depending upon the job, experience and educational qualifications. It is always advised to choose the apt format based on requirement.

Here is Tips to give a glance of various formats of resumes:

Chronological resume:

This means date wise mentioning of achievements, steps in career and education background to give fair information about an individual in ascending or descending order.

Functional resume:

Primarily focusing on the expertise and professional knowledge and this is most accurate for middle level and high-level management jobs as the information provided should be more on their exposure to the job role and the objectives and achievements.

Combination resume:

This is the general format of resume which most of us use because it is the combination of both Chronological and Functional resumes. All details are mentioned to best of individual’s knowledge

Generally, any resume constitutes of below information:


The career objective highlighting their short-term and long-term goals with a very small introduction of themselves.


Next, it’s about education background starting from their secondary education till latest qualification with dates of completing an aggregate

Experience details:

As by-word resume means the profile of experienced person so these are next mandatory details mentioned again with organizations worked with, tenure, role and primary responsibilities starting from the latest job and going backward to the first job.

Transferable skills:

This is not mandatory however based on the job applying for and the role these skills can be modified accordingly

For Example: If applying for a Manager position we focus mostly on leadership and appraisal skills so can make this profile suitable for requirement

Related skills:

This is more related to the operations that applying for with the expertise and functional experience of the same to make interviewer understand upfront about the individual’s knowledge level.

Relevant courses:

If any courses are taken or completed which might be suitable for the position and role applied for. It is always advised to mention them so that will even gain the attention of interviewer and always have chances to get selected.


This column generally used for proficiency in languages which are foreign if any, however also can mention all languages and categorize as speak, read and write to give better information

Other skills:

If any other skills including arts, sports etc. can also be mentioned in this area which might make interview know about not only the professional and educational front but also about the personal front

Personal details:

They are not mandatory to mentioned however for team to contact it is advised to mention contact number, email id

This format is quite successful and always gains the initial impression of the interviewer. All the best and wishing you a very good luck.


Conclusion:  Create a very professional resume and showcase your skills and experience as much as possible in short to win the interview mind. Resume create the first impression and an image of who you are and what you can do for their organization if they hire you.

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