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Resume Tips To Help You Get an eCommerce Technology Job

It is hard to find a job having no resume these days. A resume is a document with short information about a job seeker, one`s skills, and work experience.

The objective of the resume is to represent you as a professional in your field of activity who can complete tasks that confront a company. Resumes are like doors leading to people getting hired. If your resume was created professionally, it will undoubtedly make a good impression on employers.

How to understand how to catch a recruiter’s interest during this time, if the demand for positions in digital marketing is how high? Here’s a selection of important tips on how to write a resume to get noticed by HR professionals.


Things to know about online resume assistance

 Professional resume writing experts are easy to find online nowadays.  There are quite a lot of writers among professionals working for company, which provides the best services in the area of creating a resume. This service is what you need on the way to getting any kind of job.

In case you are a job seeker applying for an eCommerce technology job, your digital skills are highly important and have to be highlighted on your resume. So, if you, social networks, and blogging are best friends, it is that very moment when your area of expertise, so to speak, may serve you well because eCommerce websites need people who can start the work immediately.

The main thing is simplicity. Keeping it simple is a piece of advice that comes in handy for people including writers in many spheres of life, but, unfortunately, is often ignored. When writing your resume, you absolutely cannot ignore this golden rule.

Do you doubt how important this advice is? Then it is worth referring to the results of studies that were carried out using gaze mapping technology in 2012 and published on the USA Ladders website. They showed that people pay close attention to just 6 points from a resume.

By the way, these data remain relevant now, therefore, the characteristics of the candidate listed below should be clearly marked and easily readable:


  • Full name.
  • Current position
  • Previous post
  • Opening hours at the current location
  • Hours of work in the previous position
  • Education


Of course, a marketer is always tempted to create flashy designs or use infographics to market themselves, even if they don’t have to. Like a writer is always tempted to create a literary masterpiece.

Make sure the look and layout of your resume are functional and avoid elements that distract from important information: the recruiter wants to see as short a list of your characteristics as possible.

Avoid unnecessary information, keep your resume easy to read and simple.


 Powerful solution of resume writing issues

 Professional resume improvement services are meant for the improvement of one’s resume and if you take into account the fact that these services are fairly cheap, they are still worth their weight in gold.

Such an online company as where every writer is a native English speaker and an expert in the area of resume writing, editing, and proofreading, is a fantastic catch!

  There are many templates of a ready resume available online. You can easily find one to your liking. However, the advantage of the service is that you are getting an individually approached resume.

Even if you already wrote one, which requires changes, some improvement, you will get help simple as that.

Know your audience. If you’re applying to multiple companies, rewriting your resume over and over can be a daunting task, but worth it. After all, you are trying to get a marketing position, so why not see it as a marketing exercise? As Oran Carolan of Next Generation Human Resources says, “You need to do your research and adapt your resume to the company and position you are applying for.

Highlight keywords from the job specification on your resume. For example, if you are applying for a digital specialist, you should include keywords such as conversion rate, bounce rate, and Google Analytics. ”

Keep a set of templates for different positions, customize content to highlight the most important aspects of your skillset. This is what will draw the attention of recruiters to your candidacy for the right position.

Know your audience: You need to tailor your resume to the job you’re looking for to highlight the most relevant skills.

Know your value and sell yourself. You must be aware of your value to market yourself effectively online. An introduction to your resume is like a snapshot of what kind of employee you are, so if you want to impress, include something you’re proud of in this part.

Do you want to be a “hardworking, punctual person” or can you use other words to present yourself as a talented, dynamic marketer? If so, stay away from clichés and use this space to really market yourself. What will you bring to the office? Can you manage your sales? Have you worked with big brands? This is more interesting information for a potential employer than your attendance rate and no tardiness!

When you decide what you are going to say, decide how you are going to say it. Avoid large, informative text at the beginning of your resume because recruiters simply won’t read it. Decide why you should get the job and clearly communicate it to the HR team.

List your qualifications. While education is a key element of any resume, recruiters aren’t just interested in what you did in college. For digital marketers, professional qualifications play an important role in hiring.

Claire Damery of CPL Recruiters says that if you are constantly improving and learning according to industry trends, you should inform employers about it: “Point out everything possible. I am always amazed at how many marketing candidates do not include their accomplishments and education on their resumes. Your Google Adwords and Analytics certifications should go there along with your diploma.

These are all skills that you can use in your work. Like all the programs you have learned to use. Can you work with Adobe CS, Salesforce, or WordPress? Make sure they are listed under the skills column – they are part of what you can bring to the company. ” Your qualifications are a summary of your abilities and you need to make the most of them.

Proofreading, then re-correction. This is another piece of advice that sounds straightforward, but it’s vital to getting a job.

You are asking companies to allow you to control their website and social media pages. But you understand that at least one colleague will be watching your work! Then why not do the same with your resume?

Find a friend who is committed to grammar and ask him to review your message to recruiters. He will immediately tell you if there are any mistakes or incomprehensible, overloaded passages in the text.

In addition, reach out to a recruiter or someone you know who works in the digital marketing industry – they will give you honest feedback that you won’t get from the companies you are applying to.

Once this is done, make sure your resume is properly formatted and responsibly check fonts, text sizes, and spacing. When you’re done with that, correct the text again and run another spell check service to be sure!


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