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Tools To Find Great Content That Can Be Shared On Social Media

Sharing informative and interesting content with your audience can be a great way to establish yourself as a trusted and reliable resource. But what if you do not have enough time to browse the World Wide Web for content?

Don’t worry! Here is a list of several tools or resources that you can use to find great content to share on social media that your viewers might find interesting.



It is an awesome social media tool to assist you to locate popular stories around a selected topic. You could even refine your search to just see links, photos, videos tweets, or individuals.

The results page not only shows content according to your search term but also displays how many people are discussing it. This enables you to see how interesting that content is & whether it is worth sharing with your viewers.



Swayy connects to social channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to find the topics & stories, which are trending among your communities or being shared by your community.

Just, create an account via your Twitter or Facebook account & you will be able to access content right from your Swayy dashboard. Also, you can change your settings to get a daily mail with top stories so you do not need to go to your account to find out what is new.


Feedly works quite simple: just write a word into the search bar & select the topics you are interested in from the list recommended by Feedly. You won’t only discover fantastic new content that is relevant to your market, but also several places to subscribe so you are kept updated with new content.

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Panda is one of the most stunning sites for finding new content. The site accumulates the top stories & top visuals from a few of the best communities on the internet & provides the content in a simple-to-browse layout (or via mail, if you like).

You will be able to cycle among a few of different sites without ever leaving the homepage of Panda.



Reddit is a great place to find a wealth of useful content on about any topic you can imagine. What is great about it’s that this content is found & voted in by users that give you an idea of whether your viewers will find it interesting also.

Specialized subreddits concentrate on a single topic & can be a perfect place to monitor links you could use on your social networks. You could go even deeper & browse content by topic, including pizza, seafood, comfort food & more.

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One greater tool for finding content, Noosfeer assists you discover interesting links according to your search terms. Begin by adding your favorite topics & the tool will then recommend relevant videos & articles you could find interesting.



This tool usually people use to manage several Twitter accounts, but you could also use it to discover great content that individuals share on this social site.

Within Tweetdeck, you will be able to create different columns for particular terms & keywords. For instance, if you are a fashion blogger, run a search for “Women’s fashion” & create a column devoted to this topic.

This column will consist of a list of all the tweets & posts that suit this category. So rather than going to Twitter to look for content on this topic, all you have to do is check out your Tweetdeck account, check what new content has been shared & pick the most useful ones to retweet.



BuzzSumo displays you the most shared content online. To utilize it, just enter a topic, a keyword, or a competitor & the tool will display you a list of posts ranked by the number of social shares.

This comes in convenient when you prefer to discover which articles or topics might get more engagement from your viewers.


Google Alerts

It’s an excellent tool for setting up alerts for particular terms or keywords & having the latest, most appropriate content sent directly to your inbox. This tool monitors every little thing – news, discussions, blogs, books, video & and it is completely free.

These tools will help you to find awesome content based on your criteria. Use these tools to find interesting content and share with your audience and establish yourself as a trusted and reliable resource.


Conclusion: Finding appropriate and up to the point and attractive content for social media could be a time taking task, these tools can help you a lot with your shared content in less time.

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