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The RACE Planning System for Digital Marketing

A practical framework to improve your digital marketing – RACE  framework. Strategic planning process which, when applied to digital marketing, allows an action plan to be structured in accordance with the purchasing stage of users. RACE is the acronym formed of the four stages that define this model (Reach, Act, Convert, Engage).

race marketing planning model

#1.  PLAN – Brand content, social assets, website, creative materials, products/services.
Build an agile, strategic approach to digital marketing. Competition is fierce online. to win you need to plan, manage, and optimize digital channels against defined targets, SMART KPI’s, and focused investment in content marketing, digital media, and experiences.
An integrated digital strategy is essential to define new segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning for your online value propositions.
#2. REACH – Search Engines, social networks, publishers and blogs, emails, paid advertisements.
Publish and promote your content, allow sharing to other outposts, networks, and influencers, draw people to your content hub…
Key Measures:
1. Unique visitors
2. Value per visit
3. Fans/Followers
#3. ACT – Your website, blog, community and interactive tools
Be worth finding via clear customer journeys and a content hub that is relevant, inspirational, useful and creates leads.
Key Measures:
1. Leads/Lead conversion rate
2. Time on site
3. Shares/Comments/likes
#4. CONVERT – E-commerce process, product, price, and promotion
Capitalize on marketing investment using CRO, marketing automation, and remarketing to ensure contextual relevance drives conversion.
Key Measures:
1. Sales (on and offline-influence)
2. Revenue/Profit
3. Average Order Value
#5. ENGAGE – Customer advocacy
Thrilled customers are key to social media marketing, social proof, repeat sales, and referral. Start your marketing here!
Key Measures:
1. Repeat Purchase (Lifetime Value)
2. Satisfaction and Loyalty
3. Advocacy
The key idea behind the RACE marketing planning model is to provide a simple structure for companies to develop a digital marketing or omnichannel communications plan which meets the challenges of reaching and engaging online audiences to prompt conversion to online or offline sale using digital marketing.

RACE Model is developed by: Dave Chaffey  at (Smart Insights)
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