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How to Provide the Best Customer Service to Your E-Commerce Customers

Valuable resources are spent not only to attract new customers but also to encourage them to add an item to the shopping cart of your E-commerce website and actually complete the checkout process. Take that a step further. You want them to buy your products now, and you want them to visit your e-commerce site to make additional future purchases soon. Hours of time and countless dollars are spent on marketing your website and goods. Don’t let customers make only one purchase and then walk away! You need that repeat business to pay off for years to come.

But how?

In an era of online shopping, make your website stand out from the crowd by offering the best customer service in your category. Even digital retailers can offer customers extra perks that are usually associated with friendly, face-to-face checkout experiences. Here are a few ideas to try.

How to Provide the Best Customer Service to Your E-Commerce Customers

#1. Welcome the Customer

When you walk into a high-end boutique, you expect a friendly clerk to greet you and offer to assist you. Greet your online customers with a warm greeting on your homepage. Let the customers know that you’re glad they are visiting your store.

A few sentences of appreciation build rapport and trust, making the customers like you. Just as customers of that boutique will spend more money if they like the clerk, online customers will spend more when they like you!


#2. Increase Customer Security

Online customers are smart. They look for several things to make sure that your website is safe before handing over their credit card data.

  • Invest in a security certificate to make your website https:// 
  • Choose an e-commerce platform that’s reputable and secure, such as Shopify and Magento. Customers will easily identify and trust these environments.
  • Use a secure payment processing vendor, and let customers know up front that you’re not storing their credit card data.

Customers who feel secure will gladly open their wallets. After all, they are on your site because they want to make a purchase! Give them the security measure they deserve, and they will feel much more inclined to make a purchase. 

Customer security


#3. Create an FAQ Page

Customer FAQ

E-commerce customers want the hassle-free experience of ordering their goods in just a few clicks and without the fuss of going to a physical store. They expect the satisfaction of easily finding information about your store, your return policy, handling times, and shipping rates.

But how?

The simplest way for small retailers to deliver this information is by creating an FAQ page for their customers. These should answer any customer question that you can anticipate.

When writing your FAQ page, look at your website with the eyes of a first-time customer. Try to include any questions that a customer might have. It’s also helpful to include a web form at the bottom of the FAQ page to allow customers to contact you with any unanswered questions or suggestions.


#4. Offer A Freebie

Customers love getting free products. Free offers range from a gift with the purchase of a certain dollar amount to an inexpensive accessory item to free advice! For example, a popular kitchen seller can ship customers who ordered $50 or more a free paring knife. 

One popular free item is a pdf download. Depending on your industry, a free e-book or printable might be appropriate. An online cookware seller, for instance, might offer a small free cookbook. An e-commerce retailer of pet products might offer a free downloadable e-book on natural flea control.

Free is a powerful word. Use it smartly to yield results.


#5. Use Accurate Descriptions

There’s nothing more disappointing to a shopper to eagerly anticipate the arrival of an item only to be dissatisfied when it arrives. Customers usually accept the item as-is and don’t return it or make a fuss. However, they also don’t return to shop with you! Or worse yet, they spread the word on social media without giving you the chance to resolve their concern.

Use accurate descriptions of the merchandise in your e-commerce environment. Use at least two to three photos and clearly describe the product. Use colour charts and honest descriptions. Be consistent in the language across all products.


#6. Make the Check-out Process Easy

It is frustrating to a customer than the need to enter volumes of irrelevant information when they are checking out. In fact, a difficult or long check-out process is the number one cause of shoppers abandoning their carts.

Gather the relevant customer data but no more. Create one easy checkout form that doesn’t bog down the customer. Use clear and easy-to-understand language that’s friendly and inviting.


#7. Thank the Customer

When you’re shopping in person at a store, you expect the sales clerk to thank you for your business. Moreover, it makes you feel valued when they invite you to stop in and shop again soon.

You can offer the same gracious service to your customers by creating a beautiful payment confirmation page. Customize this page with a heartfelt thank you message, but you can take it a step further. Make them feel like they got a great deal by offering them a discount on a future purchase. Invite them to connect on social media, and they will feel like they had made a new friend.

Conclusion: E-commerce is a competitive market. With scores of new retailers entering the arena each year, it will only continue to get more competitive. Consistently providing the best customer service to your e-commerce customers makes you stand above the pack in this crowded space. Delighting your customers will ensure repeat visits making your store a thriving enterprise. Use these hints to keep your customers shopping with you again and again. Continually work on honing your website to increase customer service and think of customer service as a top priority.

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