Pros and Cons of cPanel on VPS Hosting Servers

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When you choose a VPS solution for your web hosting, there are many components that will affect the final result you get: VPS capacity, location, operating system, and control panel. One of the most popular web hosting control panels is cPanel, so today we want to talk about it, its pros and cons. You can also get MilesWeb’s vps hosting plan to know what kind of configurations you will be getting. You can view plans on their website according to your needs.

Remember that the cPanel is one of the leading control panel accessible with Linux VPS servers only. If you choose a reliable web hosting provider MilesWeb, you will have linux VPS hosting services for different Linux frameworks. So, many of you might be having questions that what is cPanel all about and what pros and cons are associated with it? Keep reading. 

cPanel on VPS Servers: What it means?

cPanel is a proprietary control panel software used for Linux-based web servers. It includes a wealth of features including web hosting, email management, database management and DNS management. Many providers include one or more cPanel licence with any VPS hosting plan purchase, but some charge additional fees to licence and install cPanel on a new server.

If you choose a VPS platform with cPanel, you will have access to many advanced configuration and system management tools from the cPanel interface. From cPanel you can manage your website files, edit DNS records, access database tables and much more. cPanel also supports plugins, pieces of add-on software that add new functionality to your server. An example of such a plugin is Softaculous, an app installer that makes installing new software like WordPress a breeze.

Installing the cPanel on your VPS servers means you can easily manage web files, FTP accounts and other web files on the server. But remember that VPS servers have a virtual server that is independent of web hosting resources. With MilesWeb’s Linux VPS servers you can host volumes of web projects and applications. And managing all kind of web files are easier because of the top-grade control panel installed on servers.  


  1. Graphical User Interface (GUI)

The main objective of cPanel is that many users are looking forward to this panel is because of GUI (Graphical user Interface). This GUI can be accessed through a web browser from both computers and mobile devices, making it easier to use than a traditional command-line interface. This makes editing your server and website much more accessible and understandable.

  1. DNS Management

​​When cPanel is installed on your server, it handles all DNS records for various domain names in an easy-to-use GUI format. You can easily check, modify or delete existing DNS records using Zone Editor.

  1. Database Management

​​cPanel also includes a robust database management system called phpMyAdmin. It allows users to create, edit and manage MySQL databases for use in websites and other applications in an organized GUI format. This is especially useful for users unfamiliar with MySQL programming.

  1. Email Management

One more feature of the cPanel VPS hosting is the webmail. It is a type of browser-based email client which allow users to create a certain number of email accounts. As a result, businesses can attach their emails to cPanel accounts instead of relying on 3rd software or applications. The cPanel offers a robust infrastructure to accommodate more mails and use them securely to protect emails from all kind of viruses and malware attacks.  

  1. Softaculous 

Softaculous is a 1-click installer that is a one-stop destination for more than 400 web applications. With MilesWeb’s Linux VPS web hosting services you can get a Softaculous and install apps like WordPress, Joomla! Drupal, and more. This tool is helpful to manage your installed applications, making it easy to see at-a-glance which applications you have installed at any given time. 

  1. File Management

cPanel control panel has a File Manager feature where users can easily manage files. With the cPanel, you can easily manage web files and host them at your convenience. Just simply drag and drop and manage your files easily.


  1. Software Limitations

If you install the cPanel on VPS servers, there is a problem of accessibility of certain applications. After all, the cPanel does not support all operating systems and software applications. It supports only Linux framework applications.

  1. Time-Consuming

Sometimes these GUI menus turn out to be a time-consuming process to perform all kinds of commanding interfaces. 

  1. Cost 

The cost of cPanel comes at a good cost. Many web hosting account users having a tight budget are unable to afford the same. 

Final Line

VPS web hosting servers are of top-quality and meet enterprise level web hosting requirements. And to manage web files on the server, you need a control panel (cPanel) if you are using Linux VPS hosting infrastructure. MilesWeb’s cPanel VPS servers are affordable and provide you the top notch web hosting services with the managed server support. 

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