Top 7 Productivity Apps Specifically for Salespeople

The salespeople are one of the busiest of all professions. They’d surely appreciate all the help they can get to improve their performance and productivity. Here are seven apps that can do just that. The best part is – all are specifically designed with the salesperson in mind.
1) Vender (Never Waste Another Lead)

Vender App is an app that allows the users to manage not just the leads, but also the tasks or activities associated with each lead. It has a well-thought-out notification system that reminds you of a promise you made to a client. Thus, it ensures that you fulfill it at the time you said you would.

vender app for vender managment


2) Badger Map (Field Sales Maps with Route Optimization)

Badger Map allows users to see their customers on a map. As such, when you know a lead is close by, you can set a schedule with him or her. You may view sales opportunities and seize them whenever possible. Adding new leads to the app is also relatively easy.


3) CallProof (Sales Tracking App for Salespeople & Manager)

CallProof automates the sales reports in real-time, reducing the amount of time devoted to generating these reports. It allows the users to export and import customer information into the database, geo-code the business address automatically, and record calls into the customer’s history. The app is also capable of tracking leads.

callproof app


4) Onsight (Mobile Sales App for Product Catalogues, Ordering & Merchandising)

Onsight is designed for those who want to use a tablet to conduct product demonstrations. The app is capable of creating interactive product catalogues and brochures that sync on all devices during updates. You may also directly send quotes to the client for approval and orders to the office for processing. It has a dashboard that also tracks the performance of individual salesperson and entire sales team


5) ToutApp (Sales Email Tracking, Templates and Analytics)

ToutApp helps in closing deals through emails. It allows the user to write emails faster and track the open and response rates for these emails. It can also track if the reader clicks your website link directly from the email. Finally, you can share trackable documents and presentations through the app.


6) Profit Story (Calculating for Your Business Needs)

Profit Story, from the name of the app itself, helps the users in calculating the expected profit margins. It also calculates suggested sell prices, suggested cost prices, markup prices, and break even percentage. It features an interactive price wheel that you can manipulate regardless of your industry.

profit story app

7) Quick Sale (Invoicing & Estimating app)

Quick Sale is the app that aims to do just what it is expected to do – make quick sales. Hence, it empowers the users through its features for creating quotes, estimates, invoices, and receipts. You can make unlimited print-ready invoices with this app. It also scans the barcode and processes credit cards.
Quicksales app


Final Words: These are just seven of the sales app that can improve any salesperson’s productivity. There could be more, but these apps are enough to help you deal with the everyday stresses of being in the sales department. So, install them now to reap the benefits. Trust us, you’ll feel empowered doing so.

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