PPC Interview Question and Answers for Freshers - [Google Ads Interview]

10 Commonly Asked Google Ads PPC Interview Questions for Freshers

Are You Still Confused what will be asked in Interview about Google Ads? Here we have List of Questions 2019 that will be asked in the Interview and you can prepare for your interview confidently. Most of the time we are prepared for interview but has no idea that what exactly will be asked.

So below is the list of most asked Questions on Google Ads:

#1. Explain, What is AdWords?

Answer: Google Ads is a paid advertising program by google for small to large business, Google Ads allow to us create Ads to reach the audience that all are interested in our product or service.

#2.  What are the different types of campaigns in Google Ads?

Ans: Here in google Ads we can create any number of ad like

1: search ad

2: display ad

3: video ad

4: add install ads

5: shopping ad

6: smart ads

#3. What are the benefits of Google Adwords?

There are lots of google ads benefits. That all are showing below

1:Increase Brand Awareness

2: It’s showing faster result

3: Reach more customers through their Gmail Inbox, YouTube video, app ads or google ad show

4: Tackle your competition better

5: Earn more conversions and traffic

#4. What required for creating google ad account?

Answer: only 3 thing we need to start creating our ad on google ads

1: Gmail Account

2: Billing Information

3: Website Landing page

#5. Explain why to use Google AdWords?

Ans: We should use google ads because it works fastly! Thousands of companies are getting traffic or lead from their AdWords campaigns. It is More Engaging.

#6. What is an ad group?

Ans: An ad group contains one or more ads that share similar targets. Each of your campaigns is made up of one or more ad groups. Minimum 3 ad group you need to create one ad campaign. all ad groups have their 3 headlines with 30 character of limit.

#7. What are Google Ad Extensions?

Ans: google extensions are the additional value of information that expands your advertisement to make it more useful to the user.

8: Mention some Ad Extension

1: site link extension

2: callout extension

3: address extension

4: Review extension

5: phone extension

6: price extension

7: Message extension

8: app extension

#9. What is keyword match type?

Ans: How Do Keyword Match Types Work in Google. It’s help control which searches on Google can show your ad. It is very important part of Google Ads

#10: How many types of keyword matches did you learn?

Ans: Basically 3 types of keyword you will find in Ads dashboard but 2 more type of keyword match is also which you have to add manually in your ad group or campaign like

1: Broad match keyword

2: Phrase match Keyword : it’s show with sign of “”

3: Exact Match: it’s show with sign of []

4: Broad match modifier: with sign of +

5: Negative Keyword: With the sign of –

These questions must give you confidence to face your interview. If you find these questions are helpful, you can also visit my other blogs related to Digital Marketing.

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