5 Powerful PPC Strategies for E-Commerce Businesses Websites

5 Powerful PPC Strategies for E-Commerce Businesses

Helping You Make the Most from Your Cost-Per-Click Campaign for you e-commerce business website and store.

In the world of online marketing, the possibilities for outreach can seem overwhelming, and, with so many different options, it can be difficult to figure out what’s going to be the most beneficial for your e-commerce business. At the end of the day, however, search engine optimization is where it’s at!

Pay-Per-Click marketing is absolutely vital when it comes to generating an increased amount of inorganic traffic to your website. Back in April of 2015, the Huffington Post published a great article based entirely on the benefits and necessity of PPC marketing. One of their main points was the idea that PPC advertisements have the ability to produce almost instant results. With that in mind, it’s easy to see why this online marketing technique deserves your utmost attention!

Here at Visitor, we believe in offering our clients the best in search-engine optimization techniques. Pay-Per-Click advertising is one of our specialties, and we recognize the importance of getting the most bang for your buck. When you’re spending money on online advertising, you want to be ensured that your efforts are going to yield results. By utilizing the following PPC strategies, you’re guaranteed to see a surge in your online marketing success!

1. Money Talks
When it comes to making a purchase, most consumers have a set amount that they’re willing to spend already in mind. While they may spend a significant amount of time doing some virtual window-shopping, you need to keep the notion of a bottom line in mind. By including pricing information in your online ads, you can help eliminate the number of paid clicks you waste on people who want to spend less than what you’re offering. If someone is firm on his or her budget, there’s no point in spending ad money when your prices may not meet their expectations. Not only will you be saving some of your own marketing budgets, but you’ll also save the customer a little bit of their time.

2. Short Isn’t Always Sweet
There’s no denying the benefits of using broad keyword search terms. After all, the wider the parameters, the more searches your e-commerce business will turn up on, but you will also have a higher bounce rate among those individuals. In considering this theory, however, you should realize that you’re not the only company who’s working that end of the spectrum. With a keyword search like “online shoe store,” for example, the results are going to be far and wide. While your e-commerce site would undoubtedly appear in their results, it’s hard to say whether the customer would ever find your ad amid the rest of the competition. Rather than choosing short, general keywords, let’s say that you use a phrase like, “online shoe store that accepts PayPal.” While you may not get the same number of search hits you would with a shorter, more concise, search phrase, you’ll be reaching the customers who are putting in lengthier search terms, and you will generate a unique set of customers. You will also have the added luxury of a lower-cost ad!

3. Be Specific
This one ties very nicely into our previous strategy. Why not appeal to exactly what your consumer is looking for? Let’s go back to our “Online Shoe Store” search. When someone is shopping online for a new pair of shoes, there’s a good chance they already know what they’re looking for. For example, lots of women might be in the market for a new pair of black pumps. Reworking your search terms to say, “Online shoe store that sells black pumps,” or maybe even more specifically, “Online shoe store that sells Nine West black pumps,” will help reach a more definite group of buyers. When you include specific information, like model numbers and IDs, your ad will generate more interest simply because you’re offering exactly what the customer needs.

4. Good Grammar Goes a Long Way
You may think this one goes without saying, but merely using good grammar in your PPC ads will help grab people’s attention. Think about two different ads sitting side by side, one utilizing perfect grammar, while the other is a grammatical mess … in our experience, the well-written ad is not only going to earn you more response, but it’s also going to seem more reliable. Choosing the right vocabulary is also key to a successful ad. Make the thesaurus your new companion, and select inviting language that will pull people in. Just be careful referring to your business as the best, or the greatest in your PPC ad. Making claims like this are a quick way to get you in trouble with Google!

5. Meet Your New Best Friend: Google Analytics
So, you’ve reviewed the previous four tips in this article and used them to help create an amazing PPC ad. Don’t stop there. Simply posting the ad is a great start, but discovering how your customers are using your website once they arrive there is absolutely vital. Google Analytics can provide you with custom reports that break down the activity on your web page. Use these statistics to figure out what demographics are spending the most time on your page. Want to know which one of your landing pages is bringing you the most attention, or perhaps you’d like to find out exactly where your web traffic is coming from? Using the different Google Analytics features and reports, you’ll be able to review information just like this (plus much more!). Once you have a better idea of the people and places you are getting the most hits from, you can use your resources to appeal directly to these areas.

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Conclusion:  Today’s society is truly a digital world. We are seeing more e-commerce businesses than ever before, and consumers are spending far greater time shopping online. As online business owners, it’s in your best interest to appeal to this fact. Using these five tips, you are guaranteed an increased amount of success with your PPC advertisements. If you’re still confused, however, those of us at Visiture would love to help. We focus entirely on helping e-commerce businesses make the most out of their online marketing options. We are experts in search engine optimization and know just what it takes to create amazing PPC marketing campaigns! Don’t lose out on potential customers … take advantage of PPC advertising today!

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