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List of Popular Cold Emailing & Email Outreach Platforms

In every company, there is a sales team that generates its leads to close more sales deals. In the process of selling, sending cold emails plays a very vital role. To improve your productivity and sales, there have been several email marketing tools introduced in the past to shoot out thousands of Emails in a day to your marketing contact lists. However, in the last few years, to mechanize more sales a new category of software is introduced. 

For a sales team, it is challenging to consider the right tool while sending it for business sales. Like does that tool work with an Email provider? Does it integrate with Sales CRM? Does it have sufficient reporting and analytics capabilities? Can it support the type of emails and customization that your team plans to do? Is the pricing model geared to your growth plans?

To ease this lengthy process, we have simply provided you the 12 best ways to cover all your emails with the right cold emailing tool which you are exactly looking for for your sales.

Here we are introducing you 12 best Cold Email tools in 2021

  • Mailshake



  • Lemlist


  • Woodpecker

  • GMass

  • Yesware

  • Gmelius

  • QuickMail


  • Klenty

1. Mailshake – It is best known for cold email outreach tools. 

This tool offers you to maintain your prospects by creating lists and custom fields. With the help of this tool, you can simply avoid duplicate prospects in multiple campaigns. It is quite easy to use and to outreach the Emails through this tool.

Features: Mail merge, open and click rates, reply detection, auto-reply, and bounce detection, delivery window, email threads, BCC emails to CRM, default email signatures, customize unsubscribe link, and set time zone

Integration: Salesforce, Hubspot, and Pipedrive

Pricing: Mailshake’s pricing plans start from $59/month with all the email personalization and cadence features and for a full-fledged sales engagement platform, you can check out their $99/month plan.


2. –  It is quite expensive as it has a lot of features. You can easily filter your leads and check who has checked and opened your Emails.

Features: A/B testing, open and click rates, reply detection, auto-reply, and bounce detection, delivery window, default email signatures, set time zone, BCC emails to CRM, and customize unsubscribe links.

Integration: Pipedrive, Salesforce,, Base, and Copper but with very limited functionalities

Pricing: The pricing plan starts from $70/user/month with which you can contact 1000 people. For more contacts, you have the $90/user/month plan which allows you to contact 3000 people. Their $120/user/month plan allows you to contact 30,000 people per month. If you have multiple sales teams in your organization, then you can have a look at their business plans which vary from $200/month to $500/month.


3. It is quite an efficient Email tool as it helps you to fetch email from any website or Linkedin profile page. To get the Email details you can use the Chrome extension. It is best used when a marketer wants lead generation and email outreach at the same time.

Features: email validation feature. The tool also offers other email automation features like mail merge, auto-reply, bounce detection, open & click tracking, delivery window, etc.

Pricing: Their pricing starts from $79/month for 250 email credits. If you wish to have advanced CRM integrations to create automated workflows, then you need to check their $129/month plan with which you get 1000 email credits per month. While there is no free trial, they give you a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you cancel within a month, you can demand a full refund.


4. Lemlist – It has become quite popular with its unique feature as you can take picture of yourself holding up a sign with the name or company name of each of your leads. This leaves a fabulous impression on your leads.

Pricing: $29 $25. per month / billed annually. Email outreach. Send email outreach campaigns and get all our personalization features. $59 $50. Sales engagement. Communicate with your prospects across multiple channels. $99 $83.


5. – This one helps you to filter more relevant leads. With the help of this, you can simply filter the emails like who has opened and who replied which allows you to target specific leads for your sales. You are capable to list out more relevant leads with the help of this tool.


  • Email marketing
  • Lead and prospect management
  • Email finding
  • Outreach automation
  • Email tracking

Pricing: Small plan – $39/mo – Perfect for startups and solopreneurs  and Medium plan – $79/mo – Crafted for small sales
and marketing teams


6. Woodpecker – It eases the process of collaboration. Share contact lists and rate each lead.

Features: Mail merge, open and click rates, reply detection, auto-reply and bounce detection, and delivery window

Pricing: $40/month for one account. If you’d want to experience CRM integration features, then you can check out their $50/month plan.


GMass: In this tool, you will be delighted to know that it searches for a single term you have sent to different people and merge them all to start an email campaign. It is also used and popular among employees of some famous companies like Google, Twitter, Uber, and LinkedIn.


  • Email and Mobile Preview
  • Manage Email Lists
  • High-Volume Sending
  • Building and Personalizing Emails
  • Sending Outbound Emails
  • Manage Email Deliverability
  • Automated Email Responses

Pricing:  Minimal: $8.95 per month and $89 per year Standard: $12.95 per month and $129 per year Premium: $19.95 per month and $199 per year Team: Premium: Pricing starts at $89 per month or $897 per year and scales with the number of users.


8. Yesware – It is somehow the same as above as it focuses on the leads who have opened your email and replied to them. Apart from this it takes email attachments and sets up Email reminders.

Features: Mail merges, open and click rates, reply detection, auto-reply, and bounce detection, delivery window, email threads, default email signatures, and set time zone.

Pricing: $12/month and 25/month$ plans. But if you want Salesforce and other integrations to increase productivity, then you can check the 55/month$ plan.


9. Gmelius – It helps you to build and share your cold Email templates with your team.  Your team deserves faster, better email management. Integrate, collaborate, and automate like today’s teams do.

Feature: email filtering/categorization & Smart Compose and Smart Reply

Pricing: $9 per user per month | $19 per user per month | $49 per user per month


10. QuickMail – It is very advanced as compared to other cold Email Tools as it allows you to maintain vast email campaigns to execute.

Features: open and click rates, reply detection, auto-reply, and bounce detection, delivery window, default email signatures, and customize unsubscribe links

Pricing: basic plan priced at $49, you can send up to 500 emails per day per inbox. While the other plan which is priced at $69 lets you send 1500 emails per day


11. Close. io – It helps you to connect with the customer directly and get real-time feedback. It is also used to send personalized Emails.

Feature: It is a great CRM for marketing and sales agencies. We would recommend the software if you do a lot of outbound sales and need to assign tasks to team members.

Pricing: Starter: $35/user (monthly) | Basic: $65/user (monthly) | Professional: $95/user (monthly) | Business: Contact for Pricing


12. Klenty – It keeps track of your leads, Email templates, and subject lines. The #1 Sales Engagement Software to send personalized emails & automated follow-ups at scale.

Feature: forward email detection, delivery window, email thread, and throttling. It has useful features A/B testing and mail merge

Pricing: includes most of the native CRM integration and email automation functionalities.

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