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List of Plagiarism Checker Tools

Writers, authors, researchers, students, freelancers, bloggers, etc. know that plagiarism is a big deal and cannot be taken lightly. Content creators/ writers need to constantly be checking their content to ensure nobody is copying your content without giving you due credit. Checking if your content has plagiarised content knowingly or unknowingly is also very important in the creative field. Here are some platforms that detect plagiarism. 

  1. Viper

Viper is an online plagiarism checker. It is a popular and widely used platform and has a ton of powerful features to make sure the users get the most accurate results. Viper can be used by everyone from students to teachers and even colleges or universities to check for duplicated content. Some of their strongest features include quality checks, fast scanning speed, check against 10 billion+ sources, direct source matching, 50+ language support, downloadable plagiarism report and more. It ranges from ₹290.50 ($3.90) to ₹4,843.50 ($65.07) depending on the quantity of scanned material.

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  1. Small Seo Tools

Small Seo Tools is a well-known plagiarism tool used by a big crowd. This tool can check plagiarism of any kind by matching the content that the user uploads to billions of web pages. And as an added benefit it has an automatic rewriting feature; If you do end up with content that is plagiarised you can click the rewrite option that will change the phrasing of the content and update it automatically. They have other features such as multiple document formats, URL integration, a report option, multiple languages checking capability, downloadable plagiarism reports, and more. Small Seo Tool is a free web tool that anyone can use. 

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  1. Grammarly

Grammarly is a grammar and plagiarism checker platform. Their plagiarism detects plagiarism from billions of web pages on the internet and also ProQuest’s academic databases. After uploading the content to be checked Grammarly then detects if there is any duplicated content and highlights specific sentences if plagiarism is found. They also provide a reference or multiple references about the source of the plagiarised content to make sure the user can give the right credit. Grammarly’s plagiarism can be used for free. 

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1Text is a free online plagiarism checker. It is a great platform to check your content for plagiarism and phrase it differently if need be. 1Text shows you exact percentages that provide information on the uniqueness of your article. It provides good quality results and has a deep search tool to check grammatical errors as well. Grammatical corrections are automatically highlighted and you are also provided with corrections for them soon. It is a free platform to use but having an account gives you an unlimited number of searches while a guest user can only use it a finite amount of times. 

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  1. Plagiarism Detector 

Plagiarism Detector is a free global platform to detect plagiarism. The tool is mainly focused on providing text-related information. You can conduct as many searches as needed all for free just by copying and pasting the content. They have features such as deep search, URL-and-file-uploading, and many more.

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 It is extremely important to be able to run your content on a plagiarism detection tool to check if it is being plagiarised by others or before publishing your content to be sure that your work does not contain plagiarism. Using these tools can greatly help you safeguard your work and also make sure your content is as original as possible. 


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