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Personal Branding Job Interview Question-Answers for Beginners

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Are you appearing in a job interview for personal branding or are you planning to build your own brand? Whatever be your reason to reach out to us, we have got you covered. These questions and answers will also help you in getting clarity in your technical concepts.


  • What is your understanding of personal branding?

Personal branding is the process of displaying our own selves or career as a brand. Personal branding is also a new sphere waiting to be explored in the marketing as well as digital marketing world with innumerable opportunities. 


  1. How to create your personal brand?

When we plan to build our personal brand, we can begin by deciding the genre of our brand. Our interests, career and skills play an important role in deciding the genre. The next step will be finalizing our values. This helps in developing a workable branding strategy. Now, we are ready to build a brand strategy. Lastly, we should be open to critical reviews from peers or mentors about our strategy to grow as a brand.


  • How will you secure a personal website?

Having a personal website is one of the best ways to show your presence on the search engine. A simple website with two or three web pages is just enough. This website can also act as our portfolio for marketing deals and can also improve our search engine performance.


  • What is your view on the association of your brand with other brands?

Association with other brands of our same genre helps in strengthening of our brand. We should try to find strong brands that can help in our elevation. We can start with the 3Cs, that is, company, college and colleagues. After thorough exploration, we should dig into other digital assets.


  • How to define your target audience?

Our target audience is mostly decided by our genre. The target audience in case of a personal brand can be our clients, employers, community and experts that we are connecting with. We should use the various tools to increase our reach to this audience such as optimisation through SEO tools, Google analytics and much more.


  • What is a Complete Description in Personal Branding?

A complete description of our personal brand will help our audience, be it an employer, client or customer, understand the exact personality that they are dealing with. It not only leverages trust in the community but also increases the conversion rate from the leads.


  • What are the points that you should mention in your description?

Our description should be as comprehensive as possible for the personal brand that we are trying to build. It encourages us to establish trust with our audience. Moreover, a detailed description of our daily tasks or job profile also establishes a greater connect with the community. We can mention points like- Name, Date of Birth, Hobbies, Job Profile, Gender and other points of relevance.


  • How will you identify your audience’s motivation?

Besides using analytical tools to identify the age range of our audience, we should also understand the goals of our audience. The more value we add to help them achieve their goals, the more it will help to grow as a personal brand. Therefore, it becomes important to produce authentic and value-adding content to make our audience stick with us. 


There are many more concepts related to this new branch of marketing known as the personal brand. Make sure you get your queries answered by us.

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