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The Path to Desigining the Perfect Logo

A logo creates a long-lasting impression of the company on its customers. A logo is more than an image, it’s a symbol, and serves a great purpose of representing a company and establishing a brand name.

A good logo is that, which narrates the story of a company, and designing that perfect, unique logo is not so easy.

In this post, I have tried to mention a few insightful tips that designers could get help from regarding designing a logo.

#The Purpose

  1. A logo represents your company and while using color, shape, and font you should keep in mind the heritage and basics of the company.

  2. Logos should be simple; something that can be easily memorized and associated with by the viewer.

  3. Trust is the most essential need for businesses. The Logo should convey that message of positiveness on which the customers can bank upon

  4. Most importantly, your logo should be unique from other companies to debunk any confusion from other companies and brands.

#Understanding the Business

  1. Since the Logo acts as an identity form for the company or business, it should in some way reflect the nature of the business for which it stands.

  2. Identify the target audience.

  3. A logo is a visual summary of your company’s brief. Make sure it represents as such.

#Integrating the company Name with the Logo

  1. It is best practice not to use complete company names in the logo, especially if it is too long.

  2. The inter-weaving of the text and Design should make adequate sense.

  3. One very widely used practice that serves the purpose of integration easily is to use abbreviations of the company or some initials about the company and business with the visual design.

#Choosing the right Color Scheme

  1. Mixing and matching many colors without proper sense of balance or need can make even the best possible logos look like disaster.

  2. The color scheme should ideally be smooth and soothing to the eye.

  3. The designer must understand the psychology of color and its relationship with each palette and shade. For instance:-

  • Red: bold and energetic
  • Orange: friendly, creative, hope
  • Pink: soft, fun
  • White: simple, peace
  • Yellow: happiness, cheerful
  • Blue: Sky, professional, trustworthy

#Hire professionals

  1. It is a practiced approach to approach professional logo designers and give them the idea that you want to be made in the form of your logo.

  2. Before hiring a professional it is advisable to do thorough research on the available designers and glimpse through their portfolio and experience sheet, as experience and psychology of comprehending ideas into color play a crucial role in the art of Logo designing.


Don’t settle for the first draft sample that you received from the design team. Even if it looks the best possible outcome, learn to demand more and ask for some changes or some inputs that they can provide in order to better the logo or even alternatives. Once a logo is chosen, it will represent your company for a long time to come, so it is best to take ample time in designing if it sets well with the company and its identity.


These steps are not necessarily in any particular order, and you can choose the best approach that suits your agenda. There can be many more things that can go into the designing process of the Logo so feel free to experiment and find out what works best for you.

However, with these basic guidelines, you will never go astray at designing that perfect logo for yourself.


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