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Top 10 Pakistani Bloggers & Their Estimeeted Earning

Blogging is the passion of motivating online business and has to become the most realistic way to earn a decent income online. There are thousands more of blogs around the world but fortunately, there are also Pakistani bloggers out there on the spot where they are running their online business.
Here’s the new list of some successful bloggers from Pakistan
Syed Balkhi – He is from Karachi Pakistan but later on, he went to the United States and starts their online business of selling and buying domains. With the passage of time, he started many blogs but got success in his most popular blog called WPBeginner where he shared a lot of his experience with the world. He makes around $20 USD which is unbelievable and he really enjoys his life as Blogger.
Ali Qayyum – He runs a successful blog called where he posted a lot of helpful article about technology, blogging and make money etc. He also makes huge income from his blog and he is enjoying it.
 Hassam Ahmad Awan – Lives in Islamabad, Pakistan and is blogging for the last couple of years. He has a successful blog ““. He is earning money with his blog by using Google Adsense and BuySellAds. His blog has a Good reputation and ranking worldwide as well as in Pakistan, His blog mostly focuses on Blogging related tutorials such as WordPress, Blogger Widgets, Making Money Online and Search Engine Optimization.
Est. Monthly Earning: $2000 to $4000
Abdul Samad – He is probably the youngest blogger on this list. He started blogging a few years ago at a very young age and still he is less than 18 years. Abdul Samad blogs mostly about SEO, Blogging Tips and Making Money online. His blog BornBlogger.Net is very helpful for newbies, and he’s been actively updating it since its creation back in 2014. The best thing I liked about Abdul Samad is that he is very smart in creating hype on social media. He is very active on social media and helping the newbies. He is also an expert in selling blogs on Facebook without even investing on the marketing side. Est. Monthly Earning: $500 to $1500
Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai – He started his blogging career in 2008 with blog after few years he converted it into professional .com blog. He is not only a Pro Blogger but also a certified SEO consultant. His blog is about blogging, blogger, make money online and etc. After the release of Google Panda update most of the popular blogs were hurt as they saw a major drop in their traffic but due to the Panda Update MBT ( saw a flyer in its traffic and since then Mustafa has not stopped his passion, “Blogging”. Estimated earning about 7 to 10K per month which makes him the 3rd most popular Pro Blogger of Pakistan.
Syed Faizan Ali – Syed Faizan teaches blogging to the world with his blog called “My Blogger Lab“. His blogging career started in 2012 with MBL, when he was 16 years old only. He is providing all information in blogging with MBL and provides useful stuff with his blog. Later he started also in 2012 for providing Free Blogger Templates to us.
Bilal Ahmed – Bilal Ahmad is very popular especially among bloggers for its free Thesis theme which he has been distributing free since he started his journey. Techmaish provides information about latest technology, tips related to blogging, social media, and WordPress. Bilal also runs 4 other blogs and no doubt is one of the most successful bloggers of Pakistan. With total earnings of $5000+, he is at the 4th spot of our most successful blogger list.
Nadeem Khan – started by Nadeem Khan who is Computer Systems Engineer by profession. As the blog name suggests this blog focuses on Technology, Social Media, Movies, Sports, Military, Kid Contents, Web 2.0, Programming, Gaming, Politics, and Infotainment. This blog has very unique flavor and that’s why very popular especially in Pakistan. Total earnings of $2000+.
Mehwish Abdul Sattar – Another young emerging female blogger, affiliate marketer and Chairperson of 3wOgle Group of Companies. Recently her blog won the Best Infotainment blog of the year 2011. She has run many other websites like,, and Truly a great motivation for young bloggers especially for female bloggers. You can connect with Mehwish Abdul Sattar on Facebook here and on her personal blog With total earnings of more than $2000 per month.
Ayaz Mallik – Ayaz Malik is the man behind, an awesome blog about graphic designing and images. he is earning a decent living through it for nearly 8 years now his estimated Income $500.
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