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Twitter Advance Search Operator

Operator Finds tweets… Twitter search containing both “Twitter” and “search”. This is the default operator. “happy hour“ containing the exact phrase “happy hour”. love OR hate containing either “love” or “hate” (or both). beer –root containing “beer” but not “root”. #haiku containing the hashtag “haiku”. from:sameer sent from person “sameer”. to: Salman khan sent to […]

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Things to Avoid in SEO

I have so many instances and references where I myself have made mistakes or where others have fallen before me and I have learned from their mistakes. In this article I will talk about: Don’t Do It.  Flash AJAX Complex Java Script Menus Dynamic URL’s Dynamic Code on Pages Bad XML Site Maps Abnormal Keyword […]

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Social Media Marketing Guide for Beginner

Let’s go back to my analogy in the early articles where everything you do adds to the imaginary points value that Google and other major  search engines use to assess your rankings.  The more you make your website interactive, the longer people will stay.  The general thinking is, the more social media elements you add,  […]

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Wordpress Website Course for Non-Coders

Learn how to design & develop a website or blog using WordPress CMS  on your own domain & hosting (without coding skill).

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