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Best Freely Available Copywriting Tools on internet

This time I’m back with some quick list of best copy writing tools. Some of the best copywriting tools are free and it makes your copywriting – faster, easier, and you could write with more style and use great dictionary. The links below offer interesting tools that will help you to structure your article copy. […]

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The Seven Categories of Brands

Although cattle ranchers have long branded their livestock with insignia that identify the cattle as their property, the act of branding didn’t start in the Old West. The term brand comes from the ancient Norse word brand, meaning “to burn.” The term was developed to identify the source, maker, or owner of a product or […]

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7 RED ALERTS that Scream…“Don’t Join the SEO Industry”

Please… Don’t Join the SEO  Industry if one of the following resonates with you You were told it is profitable You don’t like sweat, on the contrary, you are all in for a fast ride You believe in overnight or over ”month” successes You have run out of “what else is there for me to […]

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5 Reasons Why WordPress Websites Are Great for SEO

 WordPress is the most reliable and free open-source content management system that enables you to perform effective site optimization by combining an amazing suite of SEO plugins.   Reason#1. The Code Behind Word Press is Simple Search engines can read and index a site’s content much more efficiently when a website’s code is straightforward. WordPress […]

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Five Top Reasons Your Business Should Use AdWords

Back on October 23, 2000, Google GOOG +0.51% changed online marketing forever when it launched its ‘Self-Service Advertising Program.’ Just over a decade later, Google was making a whopping $42 billion in revenue off of its advertising program. Today, we know this as Google AdWords. And, it’s become a vital part of many successful online businesses. If you’re unfamiliar […]

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6 Secrets That Make Successful People Insanely Productive

Successful leaders, business entrepreneurs, and professionals lead very busy lives and are always tempted to wear many hats to be productive. Most entrepreneurs are forced to wear different hats to be productive and work all day to grow their businesses. But working all day does not necessarily mean you are being productive. Dealing with distractions, […]

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Ultimate List-Building Plugin for WordPress

Facebook presents 15-second premium video ads

Facebook today introduced 15-second video ads, which will start playing without sound as they appear on the screen and stop if you scroll past. If you tap the video, it will expand into a full-screen view with sound. The company says users can expect to start seeing these new ads “over the next few months.” […]

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Wordpress Website Course for Non-Coders

Learn how to design & develop a website or blog using WordPress CMS  on your own domain & hosting (without coding skill).