Best Tools for Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Managment is very important for any business to grow and bloom further as it tells you about the positive and negative word of mouth about your product/firm or even yourself in the Internet world.

There are certain tools which are a hand to hand companion of Online Reputation Managment as they give you information about your mentions in the social world.

So, let us go ahead and read about some of them:

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1). Google Alerts

The most famous among all is Hands-down – “Google alerts”.

Google is the primary and most famous search engine which provides a lot of other benefits like email, drive etc. One such benefit is Google Alert, a smart and intellectual tool which helps you track mentions about you or your firm in the social world. You just have to select the query, frequency, and channel and your deal is done.

It is a free tool.

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2). Mention

A smart tracking tool which helps you track your mentions in over 40 languages and helps you to reply to them instantly as the information in real time.

It has a free plan and paid plans both.

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3). If this then that

It is one user-friendly tool that allows you to get information about all your mentions in a single email, it also allows you to connect different devices to it.

You get the major detailed report and the minor of details as well.

It is a free tool.



4). Radian

If you have a business that is vast, you should place your bet on Radian.

It is an in-depth tool which not only provides information about you and your brand but also about your competitors. It gives you a comprehensive and intelligent report about the insights.

It is a paid tool which can cost you around 600$ per month.

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5). Sysomos Heartbeat

An ideal tool which provides information about social media mentions in a chart and graph format and is extremely user-friendly.

It is a paid tool which costs around 500$ per month.

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6). Rankur

An Advanced tool that helps you narrow the results by demographics and thus allows you to get a better perspective about your social reputation.

The plan starts from as low as 14$ per month and can go much higher, all depending upon your need.

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7). Trackur

One of the favorite tool of business elites, this one is famous for its instant and fast working. You get instant notifications when there is a mention of you. Also, it also helps you analyzing current market strategies which are getting positive responses.

A basic plan starts at 27$ per month and the amount can go higher.

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8). Brandseye

A tool with features that completely define ORM. Features like tracking of mentions, a collection of market reports, tracking of conversations, comparison of metrics with internal data etc. make it a tool worth your attention.

It starts at 220$ per month and can go up, it is one expensive yet very useful tool.

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So this was our pick for the tools you may use to build your image in the social world and shine bright like a diamond

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