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7 Best Off Page SEO Techniques 2022

In this article, I will try to focus on some important Off page SEO strategies which are going to help search engine optimizers to enhance their chances of getting rank their website on top of the search engine.SEO manager tries hard to rank their website top in the search engine result, but after optimizing title, description, keywords, content, website linking structure and all other aspects of On page optimization, keywords do not rank on top of search results. Here are some off page SEO strategy that will help the SEO manager to boost website keywords ranking by passing link juice to their website.

Bellow strategies would not be new for lots of SEO managers but, there are some tactics and important points that I want to specify.

  1. Guest blogging:

After penalizing open directory, duplicate article posting on different article sites and heavy blog commenting, Google started giving more importance to quality content. Now content contribution through blogging is topmost Off page SEO strategy for many SEO agencies & SEO manages.

Just writing some content about your business and adding keywords with links in the content body is not enough to get benefit out of it. Generated content should contribute some value to guest blogging sites and according to help that website user. Refer below point before implementing guest blogging strategy .

Quality Content– Nicely Witten articles impress users and the user starts spending more time reading articles. The grammatical mistake must be avoided while writing content. Phrases should be understandable to user and that should solve user queries and need.

Keyword Research –Keyword research is very important for writing quality content. What users queries are, what they are searching and what are their interest area will come to know through keyword research. Adding user’s queries answer phrases will help users to get their answers properly.

Internal Links – Adding internal links to keywords is very important from SEO perspective but, that links must be specific. Users should get some information from it. Good linking will help the user to see more information about your business and indirectly will help to increase quality referral traffic to your website and helps to generate lead or to complete setup goals.


  1. Press Release:

This is another content related strategy for an SEO manager to increase brand awareness through a press release. Every business keeps changing their product or service. Press release content can frame through business decisions like business launch or re-launch new product/service, some important business decisions, annual revenue growth, business meeting, new achievement, award winning and seminars.


  1. Local Listing:

Again this is very important Off Page SEO strategy to do local business listing. Local listing helps business to list their business information like business address, phone number, email, business info, business website etc. It enhances business website visibility in specific geographic areas. People can get all information about the particular business through a local listing.

There are lots of business listing sites available on the internet but, the quality of that sites need be considered because many business listing sites are converted from a directory and many sites are open to users to add any info. User can add any content related to any businesses, which increase the chance of getting spam the website. Check the quality of local listing sites before adding your business content into it.

  1. Infographics:

Designing good quality infographics helps a business website to guide or to give information about a particular product or service of a business that contributes good SEO value. Product or service guidelines, business module, growth story, customers queries feedback and product or service quality can be used to design Infographics. Through quality infographics posting, businesses can get genuine user’s feedback.


  1. Social Media Promotion:

 Social networking and bookmarking sites are very important Off Page SEO strategies to increase website ranking and social traffic to your website. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus etc. will help a website to share its content with the target audience. Creative tweets and posts help to increase social traffic to the website and indirectly help to boost ranking.

Social bookmarking sites like Stumbleupon, Reddit, Tumblr etc. helps to share website content but, make sure you are targeting the right category. Many social bookmarking sites allow the user to share pages but, again many users spam them. You can see many spams and unnatural links on that website, which will not pass any value to your website instead it will harm your website.


  1. Image and Video Promotion:

Publish/share your business video like product, service or any product or service implementation in any business area which will help to generate more user engagement to your website business area. Share video in social sites like Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Vine etc. Share your business product or service images on different photo-sharing sites.


  1. Questions Answer:

Answering your business area questions will help your website to generate user confidence toward your business. Give a detailed explanation into your answer which builds confidence in your user to make a decision. Quora, Yahoo and wikiHow are some question-answer platforms that you can use.


Conclusion: These are some Off Page SEO strategies you can use to enhance Search engine visibility of the website. There are many other strategies users can implement depending on their expertise area. My main aim of sharing this post is to focus more on quality instead of quantity. Do research before implementing any strategy and keep sharing your thoughts.

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