Now WhatsApp Provides End-to-End Encryption Security

WhatsApp’s Android app now offers end-to-end encryption. The new feature is switched on by default and being described as the strongest security offering out there by any major texting app.

WhatsApp teamed up with Open Whisper Systems, which developed apps like TextSecure, and used open-source code to add encryption.

The feature means WhatsApp won’t be able to decrypt messages (even if law enforcement pressures the company), which is something more than 600 million users of the app will most likely appreciate.

It’s not clear when end-to-end encryption will land for iOS, but Open Whisper Systems told that it took six months to ready the code for a large deployment and that everything started right after WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook.

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Other features

WhatsApp’s iOS app has also received some love in recent times.

A few months ago it added the ability to archive chats and groups, caption photos and videos, share slow-motion videos, trim videos, share location, and more, for instance. But more recently it added support for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

News Source: WhisperSystems

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