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Namecheap Hosting Review

Namecheap is popularly known as a management service and domain registration, apart from that, they also offer a modest range of web hosting services. Namecheap was founded in 2000 and began by offering excellent customer support and value-priced domains. Today, Namecheap is able to manage over 7 million domains and have over 3 millions clients.

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Namecheap provides an affordable access to everything which is required to run a website because it thinks that an Internet presence for all is a necessity. Namecheap also sells privacy protection services, SSL certificates, and many more packages. Namecheap’s hosting plans offer reliable and fast services with an uptime guarantee of 100%.

Namecheap also offers 24/7 customer support services. With the help of Namecheap’s many site building apps, you can easily build a new site. Its mission is to provide the most secure data protection, first class support and unbeatable service levels to all the users.

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Features of Namecheap hosting company

  • It helps in achieving 100% uptime service level agreement.
  • It makes the use of the latest Dell server technology.
  • Every component of Namecheap has multiple redundancies whether it’s the high speed, the network card or the power of the servers.
  • It helps in loading the pages extremely faster which is a necessity for any type of business.
  • It makes the use of cPanel. It helps in making the life easier for all users and is most commonly used the control panel in the world.

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  • It also enables you to use WordPress or any other apps with just a few clicks. You can maintain and update your applications easily.
  • It helps in an easy upgrade of your hosting package.
  • The ultimate package of Namecheap offers unlimited disc space.
  • It possesses 100 plus single click apps.
  • It also possesses daily backups and some plans have backups done twice a day.
  • It contains a single contact point for support and billing.
  • It also offers free migration of sites from other hosting providers.

Namecheap hosting plans

  • There are three shared hosting packages, all provided on unlimited bandwidth and Linux with cPanel 11. The packages provide adequate resources given the pricing structure and are based on Cloud Linux.namecheap hosting plan
  • Business hosting is basically shared hosting – In Namecheap you can expect better performance because there are fewer customers per server. The customers also get priority support on these hosting plans.
  • Resellers can purchase one of three reseller hosting packages each with WHM and cPanel 11. Level 3, the top account comes with a merchant account.
  • Six VPS hosting plans are available in which three plans make the use of Open VZ and three on Xen. Clients have the option of choosing their operating system. The cPanel is chargeable on the others and is not available on the cheapest packages.
  • Customers are not provided with Windows options but have an option of different Linux operating systems on dedicated servers. Only three dedicated server hosting plans are offered by Namecheap.
  • Onepager, a site builder plan is also available for a monthly fee. Onepager offers the user statistics and analytics about visitors and creates mobile-friendly websites.

Pros and Cons while buying hosting from Namecheap


  • Cheap domain names
  • Reliable hosting services
  • Well-known brand
  • Good quality customer support
  • User-friendly interface and design
  • Daily basis backup
  • Quick setup and registration process
  • Free and faster migration
  • Multiple TLDs available with varying extensions
  • No upsells while signing up.


  • Money-back guarantee for 14 days only
  • No phone support.

Customer Support and Help

24/7/365 emails, a forum, a comprehensive knowledge base, and live chat are available where the customers can find the answers to their questions or queries. No phone support facility is available.
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Namecheap Customer reviews

We monitor Namecheap related tweets and apply sentiment analysis. This helps in classifying the tweets as positive or negative. This also allows you to create an approval rating score based on opinions about Namecheap, positive and negative, and real people on Twitter.

Namecheap possesses a lot of useful features but it’s quite essential that you read all the terms and conditions before signing up. Be extra diligent in analyzing everything before you make your choice.


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