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Must watch 7 Digital Nomad Movies and Documentaries

  • June 3 2021
  • Shamsher

Are you a digital nomad or do you want to become one? Watch these amazing movies to get inspired to travel solo and explore this beautiful world out there. Spend few hours watching these wonderful piece of art in form of movies and documentaries and see the digital nomad lifestyle. Perfect for beginners and you can learn some new tips and hacks.

Here is a list to get some inspirational stories


The Best Digital Nomad Movies and Documentaries

1.    One Way Ticket: The Digital Nomad Documentary

2.    The New Nomads

3.    The Wireless Generation

4.    Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things

5.    The Startup Kids

6.    Capital C

7.    Office Space

The reviews of the best seven Nomad movies and documentaries are here:

There are plenty of movies (best movies) there but these chosen are the seven best among them. I always wanted to write a blog post on this and I have spent quite some.

  1. One Way Ticket: The Digital Nomad Documentary

This documentary is one of the most popular one and mainly shows how people get benefits from all the location-independent lifestyle has to offer.

People like Tim Ferriss and Mark Manson  (“The 4- Hour Workweek”)

  1. The New Nomads:

It is a series of 10 short videos easily available on YouTube as it is a motivational boost. It shows how 9 individuals and couples to fulfill their dreams left their normal lives traveling the world.

It shows that one does not need any special skill, but if travel is your passion you can make it work anyway.

It features one of the famous travel bloggers The PlanetD!

  1. The Wireless Generation :

Based on the digital nomad lifestyle, there is another documentary The Wireless Generation which shows 18 individuals who work online and travel the world.

These people travel across the world and make money online and have different kinds of jobs.

This documentary can be watched on VHX for $14.99.

  1. Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things

This Documentary shows that when people travel from one place to another, they cannot carry everything with them and mostly focus on the most important things both physically and mentally.

Joshua Fields, The Minimalists, and Ryan Nicodemus show how materialism has made of us.

This documentary is available on Netflix, Google Play, and Vimeo.

  1. The Startup Kids:

Many digital nomads are startup founders and nowadays it is quite possible to be the startup founder at a very young age.

This Documentary shows you many successful startup founders.

It features a man who makes millions of dollars before turning 20. This is a highly motivational movie that shows there are many opportunities, but you have to make a start for that.

Watch this movie on Amazon or iTunes.

  1. Capital C:

This is basically on crowdfunding and crowdsourcing. If you are feeling motivated and want to start your own business but you don’t know how to fund it then you must watch Capital C. It shows how an individual, artist, or creator can get off the ground.

It is available on YouTube for $2.99 or Google Play

  1. Office Space

It shows the typical work-life of people working in software-company and many of us could relate it. It shows how people are fed up of their routine in the office with no appreciation of work from the bosses.

It’s available on YouTube for $3.99 or on Google Play  also available on Netflix.


These are some of the above-mentioned digital nomad's movies and documentaries. We really hope that by reading my blog you get to know about some best digital movies that you will love watching. Thank you for reading! The comment section is open for your lovely reviews and your interest that you would love to read in my next blog.

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