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The Top 8 Most Important SEO Strategies You Need To Use In 2022

Google’s algorithms are in constant flux. With estimates of at least one update daily, staying up to date with the latest practices can be more than just difficult — it can be downright exhausting. 

As you sort through the current trends and possible revisions, you will see that certain search engine optimization (SEO) strategies outrank the rest. Here is a look into the most important SEO approaches you should be applying in 2022 and in the years to come.

Top SEO Strategies

  1. Produce quality content.
  2. Opt for long-tail keyword phrases.
  3. Improve user experience continuously.
  4. Enhance images and image features.
  5. Modify for peak mobile friendliness.
  6. Incorporate video into SEO strategies.
  7. Optimize for voice search.
  8. Look to the future (AI).


Produce Quality Content

Long gone are the days when marketers could simply keyword stuff their articles and see their positions improve on the search engine results pages, or SERPs. Engaging, user-focused content is what’s considered crucial for success nowadays. To gain a better understanding of a piece’s “quality” and ability to further SEO purposes, look to the E-A-T principle. 

E-A-T stands for expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness. While the principle has been around since 2014, its significance has gradually risen to become one of the key SEO elements. Before a piece of content can fulfill these guidelines, its audience must be thoroughly identified and properly addressed. Once it’s set to hit the target audience, the content needs to be appealing through readability, clear formatting and accuracy. 

What’s more, the information needs to be on point to really resonate with the reader. How can all this be achieved? Best practices recommend:

  • Backing up claims with statistics and credible facts
  • Generating hyper-local keywords
  • Utilizing authoritative links
  • Establishing regular posts
  • Creating a frequently asked questions section with common queries about the business and their answers

Opt for Long-Tail Keyword Phrases

Single, basic keywords are out; longer phrases are in. Why? First, because of the stiff competition for short-tailed keywords. Second, because the Google algorithms and their understandings of keywords have advanced to matching relevant subtopics of the specific keyword. An example of this might be SERPs displaying “beginner cardio” or “bodyweight exercises” as relevant or related when “home exercise” was searched.

Utilizing precise phrases with three words or more is advised going forward. Incorporating such long-tail keywords increases the chances of seeing your domain among the top website ranking results for the relevant or related phrases.


Improve User Experience Continuously

Along the same lines as writing content specifically for the audience’s benefit is improving overall user experience. Not only to engage them and increase the likelihood of conversion, but also to increase their time on the site as “dwell time” is another factor to increase site rank. 

Ways to enrich experience include an easy-to-navigate site design, fast page speeds and interactivity. When a site has quick-to-load interactive features, content free of broken links or typos, and an appealing design, users will stick around longer. In turn, the site and corresponding pages will rank higher in SERPs. These reasons and more are what make expanding user experience for your site a necessary and nonstop objective. 


Enhance Images and Image Features

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While images have long been leaders in generating clicks, employing high-quality images with relevant image alternative tags is essential these days. Not only that, but the images need to be properly sized. Large pictures will slow site speed and irrelevant ones can mislead or drive readers away, both of which will negatively affect ranking. Modify these missteps through image compression and by optimizing all images for search.

Make sure site visitors can understand the content just by seeing the image. Furthermore, ensure ALT tags are readable and explain the image without being spammy or keyword stuffed. This point is important to ensure individuals using visual aids are being included as well as the bots analyzing them.


Modify for Peak Mobile Friendliness

Have you heard of mobile-first indexing? Essentially, it’s a search engine’s way of ranking content based on looking at it via the mobile version first and foremost. Since most searches are now conducted via a mobile device, ensuring that a site is optimized for mobile use has become all the more important.

Several tools are available to test a site for this with pointers on correcting the issues slowing down mobile speeds. Design tools are also available to help optimize for mobile, improve mobile user experiences and stay in step with the times.  


Incorporate Video into SEO Strategies

Including effective videos can go a long way to expand reach and improve user engagement. As you develop SEO strategies in 2022 and beyond, be sure to add optimized video content creation to the plans. 

Optimizing videos involves using keywords and hashtags in the descriptions and channel description to reach an audience. Such recordings go beyond the realm of YouTube into new platforms such as TikTok. This newest obsession offers remarkable opportunities to deliver content to your intended audience directly. 


Optimize for Voice Search

From Smart speakers to Smart TVs, utilizing voice activation devices is increasing in popularity every day. What’s more, an estimated 58% of consumers already use it when searching for local business information. If your site isn’t optimized to meet this demand, it could be left behind. 

What are some SEO methods specific to voice search? To start, emphasize creating casual, conversational content. Accomplish this by writing titles and subheadings in question format, including a FAQ section, and by providing answers to those queries. Incorporating question-oriented keywords and phrases now will go a long way in staying ahead as this aspect evolves.


Look to the Future (AI)

Another route worthy of an investment of time now is artificial intelligence. AI has branched into the world of SEO and has begun to play a key role in strategy. While details surrounding Google’s use of AI are still unfolding, experts advise user experience is going to be an even more significant primary ranking factor because of it. 

Plan for future applications of this innovative technology while also working towards implementing useful, well-organized content to engage readers and improve click-through rates today. Whether AI’s impact is in the form of performance analysis or determining ranking, it is here to stay. 


All Things Considered

As SEO grows in complexity, best practices and strategies will undoubtedly change. However, meeting your audience’s demand for satisfaction should remain a priority. To ensure your content ranks at the top of organic, local and international searches, remember to keep your audience as the main focus. Capturing their attention and methodically guiding conversions is vital to success. 

Create a balance by tailoring content and site experience to their benefit while maintaining technical components, such as load speeds, mobile-friendliness and overall site health. Employing a holistic approach like this and staying informed about what’s best can be the boost that sees your rankings soar.

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