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How to Make Money from Your Website (Without Ads, Products, or Affiliate Marketing)

  • August 30 2020
  • Shamsher

The first thing   that comes to the mind of the people when they want to make money from a website are advertising, affiliate marketing, online stores.

However, it is difficult to work from these techniques. So it becomes important to know how to make money on your website without ads or products. We are here to help you to make a living online and find method that will maximize your revenue.

What are the disadvantages on relying on ads, products or affiliate marketing?

There is no doubt that it’s possible to make revenue on your website using ads, affiliate marketing and selling products.  This has been proven by many successful online sites, stores, sites etc.  However, it cannot work best for every website.

For beginners it will be risky as ads can distract the audience from your content who are looking for quality content, the users may end up off your site. This works if you have a huge following on your site otherwise ads will prevent you from gaining followers  and trust of the people.

Ways to Make Money from a Website/Blog

  1. Make Money Online by Buying, Flipping & Selling Website
  2. Offer Freelance Services
  3. Ask for Donations on Your Website
  4. Accept Paid Guest Posts
  5. Start Membership Site
  6. Holding in-person events and generate admission
  7. Promote your content
  8. Sponsored post

Selling products is another disadvantage for a starter as in order to make money you first need to make investments.  It is another challenge you will face if you need to start something new because we assume you have a unique idea for products your users would want to buy.  This is tedious and a very long-drawn process. 

Here is how people make money  from a website (Without Ads, Products and Affiliate Marketing)

1) Make Money Online by Buying, Flipping & Selling Website:  It can be quite a rewarding business if you’re a professional developer looking to your income, flipping sites could be an efficient way to do it. If you play it right, you’d be making thousands in no time.

What is flipping?

The flipping of website is a process where you create or makeover a website and selling it off or you can even create a new website, make it popular and sell it off. It is same like buying a house,  it and sell it to gain profit. 5 Websites to buy and sell domain/Sites

Two common type of Website Flipping is:

a) Create something from scratch

b) Buy already created site, popularize it and sell it
Website Broker and Flippa(https://www.flippa.com/) are popular places to find cheap sites to buy and improve, then to sell again later


2) Offer Freelance Services

Another profitable way to make extra money from your website is by offering freelance services. As there are many blogging websites and if you got  to have writing skills, social media skills etc.  Blogging website can easily offer part-time freelance services from their blog; Freelancer.com 

The 7 Best Freelance Jobs and Which Websites to Search for Them

  1. Website or Mobile app Developer. Web development and mobile development are two of the highest-in-demand programming jobs right now. ...
  2. Transcriptionist. Transcription is easy to do but hard to do well. ...
  3. Photographer.
  4. Writer or Editor.
  5. Web or Graphic Designer.
  6. Virtual Assistant.

3) Ask for Donations on Your Website

Make the online donation experience a friendly one. The best way to keep the trust of the people is transparency. It is vital to let your donors know exactly for which purpose be it charities or good causes the donation is asked for and how you are planning to use them. This will help to sway the donors hesitant to contribute especially if they’re not sure that their hard-earned money will used effectively.

4) Accept Paid Guest Posts

Nowadays, blogs offer a payment to their guest bloggers, it is the most effective way of getting the content published where customers spend the most time which increases the online visibility. However, websites are taking a different approach by demanding you pay them to publish your guest posts also being paid for labor is the best one could offer. The content featured of paid guest on blogs and publication can drive attention of hundreds or thousands of people to your website. In a less span of time, there will be high quality content which will have direct, positive impact on your earnings.

5) Start Membership Site

Memberships can be another great way to generate money online.  Here the idea is to quality content so that the users find it useful and pay you. It needs a lot of hard work to think out of the box and keep updated every time. There are many business owners who offer case study, webinars, live question and answers, video tutorials where people join the membership site to simplify and learn from their experience.

6)  Holding in-person events and generate admission:

In- person events and conferences can be helpful in distributing content and networking opportunities. Holding in-person events related to your site  is quite appealing  to many people. According to one survey, 93% of consumers claimed that live events had a larger influence on them than TV ads.  The 2015 Event Track study shows that 74% of event attendees had a more positive opinion about the company after having attended the event.

7) Promote your content

 Cross promotion is a great way to build your own brand and authority of in your industry instead of self-promoting. It helps you to earn more on all the platforms be it Instagram, youtube etc. For example you create fitness blogs you can create more variety of content on fitness by making videos on Youtube, interviewing athletes and workout blogs.  Having multiple revenue steaming is profitable to gain revenue.

8) Sponsored post

Sponsored post can take many forms where companies pay you to mention their brand name in your blogs or want you to write review about their area of work. Sponsored post is same like your own blog post. The difference is just that you get paid to create and publish it.

Here are few sites to find sponsored reviews opportunities;

  1. Izea Pay Per Post
  2. SponsoredReviews
  3. PayU2Blog
  4. SocialSpark



There is no doubt that one can be successful by using Ads, Affiliate Marketing and Products as a method to earn money. However, for starters they need to make investment to get profit out of it which they may not have. Advertisement also distracts the audience from the content which may cause audience to lose trust and lead to less number of followers on your site

Hence, you can still generate revenue avoiding Ads, Affiliate Marketing and Product  on your website  including these method:

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