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Mak Man on hack Says, Just wanted to highlight the issue

Mak Man, a Lahore-based hacker, gave a virtual scare to Thursday by executing a Proof of Concept (POC) hack on the Indian streaming music site. After a stand-off that lasted several hours, the matter was resolved late Thursday evening. In an exclusive chat, Mak Man answers Business Standard queries over Facebook Messenger. Edited excerpts:

Can you explain in layman terms what exactly did you do? What did you plan to demonstrate by this act?

I just highlighted an issue in a very controlled environment. The issue was that an end user had the privileges to execute SQL commands on their back end server, giving him/her access to all the details stored in their database including user details.

Q: Are you satisfied with’s response?

A: Yes, I’m totally satisfied with the response.

Q: How did you choose

A: It was a targeted hack.

Q: Are other Indian e-commerce sites that are similarly vulnerable?

I’m not sure.

Q: Will you take the offer given by Satyan? 
A: Why not  ..

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