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Local Map SEO Listing

 Local maps SEO has fast become a very important technique to improve search result rankings. Being the first on a Google search result page is extremely beneficial for any business that’s has a bigger local market rather than national or international, like restaurants or grocery stores.

What Is Important for Local SEO

For the ease of customers, new or old, it is important to build local landing pages for each of the locations of your business if you have multiple locations where you handle your business. You can include details such as an address, phone number and optimize their titles tags, meta descriptions, and follow SEO best practices. It is also important to have business listings in Google My Business, local citations from data aggregators, and reviews. 


Ranking Factors for Local Listings

  • The proximity in which the business is located to the centermost point of the city or geo-target.
  • How well-populated and optimized the company’s Google My Business page
  • The domain authority of the company’s website
  • How the citation is mentioned on the company site 
  • Proper links to the Google My Business page


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Higher Rank for Local Business Listing

  1. Add your business to Google Maps

It is not possible to rank higher or perform successful Google Maps marketing if you don’t have a Google Maps listing in the first place. 

  •  Go to Google.com/maps or to the Google Maps app on your smartphone and search for your business name.
  • If your business name does not appear, you will see an option in the drop-down menu to “add a missing place.”
  • Once you click that, you’ll be prompted to provide your name, category, and location.
  1. Claim your Google Maps business listing

When you claim your listing, you can provide many more details about your business, and the more information a business listing contains, the higher it will rank on Google Maps.

  1. Add information to your Business Listing

The more information your listing provides, the higher it will rank in results. To add more information to your listing, log in to your Google My Business account. Here you will see a dashboard with several tabs down the side.

  1. Add photos

Google loves it when you upload photos to your listing. This is because it signals that you are an active listing worthy of ranking higher in results. 

  1. Get Google reviews

Google favours business listings with positive reviews. You will need to be proactive in asking for reviews, and you must also respond to them. Responding to reviews encourages more of them and mitigates the damage of negative reviews. 

  1. Consolidate your Google Maps listings

Weed out duplicate listings and information to ensure your one true listing will rank.

  1. Post regularly to your Google Maps business listing

You can publish posts that appear right on your Google Maps business listing. Regularly posting like this sends signals to Google that you proactively manage your listing, which it considers when ranking.

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Benefits of Local SEO

  1. Improve Online Visibility

If your business isn’t appearing in the top 5 positions, or even on the first page, chances are audiences will not grow much.

  1. Build a Community

Businesses and consumers alike are sinking into the importance of building a community and keeping the local economy thriving.

  1. More Relevant Traffic

When you target local consumers it encourages web visits from people who may actually come and visit you.

  1. Builds Trust and Authority

Gaining a prime spot on the results page will encourage your audience to trust your business and gain their respect. 

  1. Reduce Ad Costs

Organic traffic has taken over as the most valuable audience for businesses. 

  1. Increased Sales

An increase in relevant traffic leads to a boost in sales. With local customers prepared to buy, showing up as an authority in your area will increase your chances of being the landing spot for their purchase.


With a better understanding of SEO basics and how Google ranks local search results, it is imperative to start concentrating on signals that will optimize your site’s digital footprint in the local-oriented search ecosystem. This way your business can show up higher on the results page, which can lead to more potential customers finding your business.

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