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List of Tools for Freelancing Business

Freelancing is a great profession. But growing your business, looking for projects, collaborating, and exploring can be tough without having to manage smaller tasks as well. Using tools to help you keep track of your accounts or passwords can sound like a small task but can go a long way. Here are some tools you can use as a freelancer to help you in your journey. 

Here is the List of Top 5 Tools for Freelancing


Coconut is a platform made for sole traders, freelancers, or accountants that easily connects to your bank account and helps you track your income, claim expenses and work out taxes and how much you owe. They also have other features such as Connecting your accounts, giving you business insights, claiming expenses, sending invoices, and sorting out your taxes. They have two price plans, both of which have a 7-day free trial. The Side Hussle plan £3.60 per month, or their Professional plan or £12 per month. 

The Side Hussle plan £3.60 per month, or their Professional plan or £12 per month.  Visit Coconut Website


Things is a popular task management platform. It is available for Mac, iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPad and is incredibly easy to use and is tactfully designed. Rather than constantly bombard you with all the tasks you need to complete, you can decide which elements you want to see and which you wish to be hidden away or shown less often. So there will never be an overwhelming amount of tasks or information, you can instead take the time to focus on important tasks, making it really easy to stay on top of your schedule. For Mac it is $49.99, For iPhone & Watch it is $9.99, and for iPad it is $19.99. They do have a 15-day free trial to test out the features first before purchasing it.


Trello is a visual project management platform. As a freelancer, collaborating with multiple employers or companies on a project can often have simultaneously. This can mean long and confusing spreadsheets. This is where Trello helps by cutting through the confusion and provide a very visual way for teams to collaborate and keep track of their projects together. Trello syncs across all your devices and allows you to intuitively use boards, lists, and cards to organise and prioritise your project tasks, leaving you more time to get on with the actual work. They have a free plan for individuals and teams looking to be more productive. A Business Class plan for $10 per month, or an Enterprise plan where the number of users and features can be adjusted and price accommodated accordingly.


Notion is another great task managing platform that helps in collaboration and team management projects. Notion is an ‘all in one workspace’ which means all your essential material and workspace can all be kept under one hypothetical ‘roof’. The app is essentially four tools in one, offering notes and docs, spreadsheets and databases, a knowledge database, tasks and projects organiser. If you want your project and its material all in one place, this is the platform that you need. It has a Personal plan that is free for all users. A Personal Pro plan for $4 per month. 


Being a freelancer and having multiple profiles on multiple platforms can be stressful enough. It is quite easy to forget passwords for all these platforms. Passwords are never supposed to be written down or used twice which makes it even harder. LastPass helps with this dilemma by providing a secure service and remembers all your passwords for you so you do not have to. All you have to do is remember the one password and then you can access all the others easily. It is also free and reliable for a single device. Premium is $3 per month and $4 per month for families or teams to use. 


Becoming a full-time freelancer can be a liberating experience. But it may not be easy to track all the goings-on regarding every project you undertake in which case all the above platforms can come in handy. You can pick and choose the area of project you need help in.

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