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List of PR Outreach Tools for PR Outreach Manager

PR or Public relations is the process of building relationships with customers or other businesses. Journalist outreach PR tools when used the right way along with SEO tools helps you get results 10 times faster than the usual amount.

But first, let’s figure out what exactly PR Tools and  PR Outreach really is.

PR tools are used by businesses to handle the entire public relations process. PR tools have a contact database of journalists and an outreach capacity to send the email pitches out. More elaborate tools have templates for email pitches and analytics for marketers and PR professionals to pick and use the pitch that is most agreeable.

PR outreach is the method of contacting journalists, influencers, or media outlets with the purpose of introducing your business to increase brand awareness.


List Of PR Tools

  1. JustReachOut

JustReachOut’s software and search engines surface the most relevant journalists, content, and press opportunities with a dedicated search channel for each focus.


  1. PitchPress

PitchPress is a public relations service for fashion and related brands focused on securing regular product placement in print and digital media.



  1. NinjaOutreach

NinjaOutreach helps create effective influencer marketing campaigns by filtering through millions of influencers insights to find the one that captures your target audience’s attention.



  1. HARO

HARO connects journalists seeking expertise to include in their content with sources who have that expertise.



  1. Cision

Cision understands and helps you spread your brand’s reputation with the most complete collection of global online news, blogs, social, print, broadcast channels, online forums, and review sites.



  1. AnswerThePublic

AnswerThePublic listens to autocomplete data from search engines like Google then quickly cranks out every useful phrase and question people are asking around your keyword.



  1. Mention

Mention enables brands and agencies to monitor the web, listen to their audience and manage social media.



  1. Brandseye

BrandsEye uses a unique blend of AI and human intelligence to filter social media for high risk and urgent customer interactions.



  1. Sparktoro

Sparktoro instantly discovers what your audience reads, watches listens to, and follows without the need to use expensive surveys or time-consuming research. SparkToro identifies your customers’ biggest sources of influence and reaches them at that site.



  1. Subject Line

Subject Line has the unique idea of evaluating your subject lines based on its ‘clickability’ and how attractive it looks to a reader.




  1. Crystal

Crystal is a PR outreach site for growing businesses that integrate DISC personality insights into your sales, hiring, and training processes.



  1. GlobeNewswire

GlobeNewswire is a great outlet to share your news with media, investors, and consumers with targeted distribution options from one of the world’s largest and most trusted newswires.



  1. TrendKite

TrendKite is the tool you need to track readers from over 4.7 million publications. It shows you how many readers visit your website after reading an article about your organization.


  1. Onclusive

Onclusive put insights into action and shape business outcomes with the leading PR analytics & media monitoring software.



  1. UpbeatPR

Upbeat will be your PR partner through their software and expertise and help you develop a media strategy, launch outreach campaigns, build journalist relationships, and procure media coverage.



Public Relations Activities That Need PR Tools


  1. Social Media
  2. Media relations
  3. Advertorials
  4. Business Events
  5. Speaking Engagements
  6. Community Relations
  7. Employee Advocacy



A media pitch can be made with a hundred different spins to it, PR experts having their own signature method. Some experimenting and using the above-mentioned PR tools can give you and your business a real leg up int the industry and for the growth of your business.


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