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List of Guest Blogging Websites for SEO Link Building

Guest posting is an interesting SEO technique that has become one of the best SEO practices over time. It faces and overcomes the challenge of getting your brands message out to the mass and generate new and fresh leads. 

What are guest posts?

Guest posts or more commonly referred to as guest posting is the act of writing and having your article published on someone else’s website. Most bloggers do this so they can achieve greater brand awareness and traffic back to their own websites.

How to Guest Post?

To be able to guest post a manner of outreach is required. You can start by making a list of sites in your niche where you think it would be appropriate to publish your articles. Send the website owner your information and your article to establish a good rapport so they will be more inclined to post your article on their website. Try and aim for sites that are larger than yours but too big as your advances may be ignored. It is very important to find websites that have articles similar to your own so there is not too much competition. 

List of Guest Posting websites

  1. Myventurepad 

MyVenturePad is a blog about business and tech.


2. Meldium 

Meldium is a company that provided an account & password manager for businesses to manage access to their web applications and have a great business blog.


3. InfoBeat

InfoBeat is a handy business and tech information blog and is one of the best task management software tools for agile project management web project management tools.


4. Locationary 

Locationary is another popular digital business and tech blog where you can read or submit interesting articles regarding your business.


5. Frugalentrepreneur 

Frugalentrepreneurs is a blog that helps small business owners could find the small business tips, tools, and resources they need to help them run their businesses.


6. Jcount 

Jcount offers you an opportunity to discuss the details of your startup through thier blog about startups. It is a personalized platform where you can provide the smallest details about your venture to a global audience.


7. Centrinity 

Centrinity is a bog that provides information and tips about business and tech.


8. KillerStartups 

KillerStartups aims to help businesses by reviewing up-and-coming internet startups right on the spot, right at their birth.



  1. Instant Exposure to Targeted Traffic
  2. Expand Your Personal Network
  3. Spur Social Media Shares
  4. Grow Social Media Following
  5. Strengthen Backlink Profile
  6. Generate Leads


Guest blogging is clearly an important step for online marketing success. You’re sure to see successes the more you publish on guest blogging sites on your niche. Find the perfect website for you and give it a shot and see the results for yourself!


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