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List of Digital Marketing Courses/Institutes in Canada

Through the digital revolution, the online market has taken over the consumers as it offers them to get transparency of price and even a chance to say the price since there are lots of available options for them to choose from.

It has caused a most significant change in the business landscape, Companies can track every decision of their customers through their wandering on the internet and can have easy access to consumer behavior by analyzing their needs which makes it easy to attract and reproaching them. Bygones the days when untargeted approach through broadcasting which may have broader coverage though only used to brings disappointment as compared to the interactive way of communication enables makes a brand to establish more of a personal relationship with each of its customer while they spend their time online resulting into an army of loyal receivers. Instead of just putting information one way now, customers can directly interact with the business owner or a service provider to ask any query or just merely know about them. They can also directly participate in the growth of any business by contributing feedback, rewarding reviews, and spreading the word. Online business presence is proved to be empowering from small-scale businesses, startups to the whole commerce giants like Amazon creating a borderless economy.

Here Is The List of Best Digital Marketing Institutions In Canada.

#1.Centennial College

Centennial College is a center of the legacy of first Canadians; strengthened ties with communities enabled them in assembling futures for so many graduates already and intent to serve their part further without any ceasing. They facilitate students through a matching career in digital marketing equally considering their curiosity and scope through a personality test and provide them a deep insight into what the future holds for them.

Courses they offer:  Digital Marketing Training

Course fee: $5,270

Mode: classroom/online

Address:  P.O. Box 631 Station A, Toronto, ON, M1K 5E9

Phone number:  416-289-5000 ,1-800-268-4419




#2.York University (School of Continuing Studies)

As the name suggests York University delivers self-pace innovative certified programs in the digital marketing field for busy professionals and public individuals which helps you get up to the level of modern marketing standards through getting an opportunity of experimental education into a diverse global environment for leading community interaction on another level and for prospering your business in front of the world.

Courses they offer:  Digital Marketing Certification Program



»Automation Basis

Mode: classroom/online

Address:  4700 Keele Street, Toronto ON Canada M3J 1P3

Phone number:  416 736 2100




#3.Canadian Business College

They promote a holistic understanding of digital career and enable their students to develop technical, creative, and business capabilities to make their own place in the digital world and a regular source of income by converting the knowledge, skills, and training that you acquire over the course of your studies into meaningful jobs and careers once you graduate.

Courses they offer:  Digital Marketing Certificate Program

Mode: classroom

Address:   77 City Centre Drive, Suite 600 Mississauga, ON L5B 1M5 




#4.George Brown College 

George Brown College believes in providing practical training to their students with an opportunity to work with current industry experts and upholding and leverage the wealth of their experience and mistakes for developing a successful career in the arena of digital marketing and get many odds at every step during their course for testing your potentials in different marketing channels through their method of field education to have a hand on latest field trends.

Courses they offer:  Digital Marketing Course

Course fee:  USD 4,331.

Mode: classroom

Address: George Brown College P.O. Box 1015, Station B Toronto, Ontario Canada M5T 2T9

Phone number:  416-415-2000




#5.Jelly Academy 

Jelly Academy is a highly rated and longest running micro- credential digital marketing society empowering Canadian businesses, students, and brands to get established in the digital era through short term digital marketing skill training for 6 weeks turning them into certified marketers and get a chance to participate in many online workshops and association mentorship training at their learning studio.

Courses they offer:  Digital Marketing Course

Course fee: CAD 3250$. 

Mode: online

Address:  #212 – 23189 Francis AveFort Langley, BC VIM 0G4

Phone number:  866.459.1648/ 604.674.3559




#6.Cornerstone International Community College

Cornerstone International Community College provides you a complete package of diplomas in digital marketing tailored with a part-time work permit in the first 6 months and a full time paid work permit for the last 6 months covering all critical aspects of online advertising, managing, and research including routine updating of latest trends with certification.

Courses they offer: Digital Marketing Specialist Co-op Diploma

Mode: classroom

Address:  609 West Hastings Street, Vancouver BC, V6B 4W4 Canada

Phone number:  +1 604-620-1111




#7.Toronto School of Management 

Toronto School of Management is a successful management institution in Canada offering a full-time Diploma powered by a digital marketing institute emphasizing digital marketing, advertising, and campaign management through the PPC marketing model, social media networks, and research to develop the exact marketing strategy. They also approve you with a Digital Marketing certificate after your program completion.

Courses they offer: Diploma in Digital Marketing Specialist

Course fee: $14,495 CAD

Mode: online/classroom

Address:  22 College Street Suite 300, Toronto, ON, M5G 1K2, Canada

Phone number:  +1 416-800-2204




#8.University Canada West

University Canada West presents itself as a valuable provider of personalized learning through certified courses for entrepreneurs, students, and professionals to enhance their working potentials. It is an ideal platform for those who want to explore different digital career paths at any period of their life to stand apart in any job.

Courses they offer:  Digital Marketing Training

Course fee: CAD 2500

Mode: classroom

Address:  1461 Granville Street Vancouver, British Columbia V6Z 0E5, Canada

Phone number:  1-877-431-6887




#9.University of Calgary (Continuing Education)

University of Calgary (Continuing Education) encourages professional development and personal enrichment by providing high-quality educational opportunities to lifelong learners or organizations seeking advanced training in the digital marketing industry. Its unique university continuing offers education services in various shapes like through conducting virtual seminars or one-to-one interactions without being traditionally enrolled hence one can get press on knowledge at any point of his/her life.

Courses they offer:  Digital Marketing Training

Course fee: $2,475.

Mode: online

Address:  2500 University Drive NW Calgary, AB T2N 1N4, CANADA

Phone number:  403-220-2866



Conclusion: The consistent boost of cyber consumers has left no business immune from the impact of the online revolution regardless of their geographical location, it is necessary to have an online presence to reach the people as digital technology has changed the way consumers associate with products and market. There is a huge need for digital marketers to maintain the modern customers’ customized approach, which demands more engagement in modern ways for sustaining your business.


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