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List of Best Social Media Performance Analysis Tools

With the rise in the use of social media platforms, there has also been a rise in social media influencers who create content that a huge group of people may enjoy. Niche content is taking the internet by storm and there are a lot of consumers for it. But with the rise in their following base, it is important to also know what content is being accepted by the public and what content does not receive much traction. Using social media analytical tools can solve this problem by giving you the information you need to put out the content that maximises engagement and views.

1. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is an excellent social media analysis tool. It is important for influencers to know information about their customer bases such as audience demographics, industry influencers, or campaign performance so that they can post appropriate content for maximum engagement. You can even access data related to your competitors’ activities and gauge audience reactions to them, which in turn can help you improve your customer care or benchmark your brand against others in your industry. They have a Standard plan for $99 per user per month, a Professional plan for $149 per user per month, or an Advanced plan for $249 per user per month. All of these plans have a 30 day free trial period so you can test out the features first and pick the one that benefits you the most. 

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2. HubSpot

Hubspot’s analytical tools make it easy to create a connection between the revenue growth of your website and the performance of the business. Not only that but you can also compare multiple social media sites and measure the performance of campaigns or advertisements. The platform has features like audience numbers, session lengths, and impressions are a few perks offered by HubSpot’s social analytics tool along with graphs and visuals that break down the numbers by specific quantities. The Starter pack begins at $50 a month and offers more perks than the free version.

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3. TapInfluence

Tapinfluence is a social media analytics platform specifically meant for influencer social media campaigns. This includes metrics such as reach, engagement rate and the potential price tag behind any given influencer. It also has features such as influencer discovery, hard-core analytics, the ability to boost your content, and easy to read graphs and spreadsheets. 

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4. Snaplytics

Snapalytics is another desktop platform that focuses solely on Instagram and Snapchat statistics. The platform looks at metrics such as open and completion rate, allowing brands to see where story engagement peaks and likewise at what point viewers drop off. Snaplytics aims for optimised story marketing for all.

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5. Keyhole

Hashtags are one of the easiest ways to obtain a higher reach for potential followers or customers. Using hashtags help the growth of your social media handles and it is important to keep track of what hashtags work, and what do not. Keyholes analytical platform can help with exactly that aspect. It provides a real-time performance analysis of the industry and campaign-specific hashtags on platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. Doing this allows content creators to use the appropriate tags during peak hours to maximise their reach or views. 

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6. Google Analytics

For a large number of social media users, Google Analytics is the preferred platform to analyse the patterns of their social media handles. You can set up specific social media platforms and follow how much traffic each of them gets which can very help for up and coming influencers or business professionals alike.

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It is important for marketers to own their own tools. Having a good social media analytical tool largely increases your chances of excelling in social media platforms as you can curate the right kind of content that people want to see. Using the above tools can benefit you and your chances of making it big by doing what you love, and doing it the right way. 

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