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List of Advance Web Analytics Tools

Web analytics tools are very important for small and big websites alike. It helps analyse, gather, organize and accurately present data pertaining to your site’s performance. This data is most often used for CRM, which is customer relationship management. Using these tools you can efficiently review your SEO tactics and find out how successful they have been and how they can be improved. The following are some tools you can use to help accurately analyse your data.

1. Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics is a popular web analytics tool that is extremely useful to measure what customers do most on your website, sources of traffic, and how effective their content is. It helps large amounts of data get organised and prepared very quickly along with segmentation and easy to understand visuals of all the website data. Adobe Analytics is also well suited for bigger enterprises as you will have to reach their business team to discuss the features you need and for a price quote. 

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2. Angelfish Actual Metrics

Angelfish is secure, on-premises web analytics software that shows you how visitors interact with your websites. It is trustable and has a host of incredible features such as traffic spike analysis, full visitor details, nested segments, mobile reports, bandwidth and errors, hidden visitor tracking and a lot more. It has everything one would need in a solid web analytics tool. It comes with a price tag of $1,295 per year in the Standard Edition, $6,000 per year for the Grand Deal standard edition.  

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3. AWStats

AWStats is a free tool for web analytics. It is considered as one of the best web analytics tools as it has an important feature that defines the visitors of the website and can differentiate between Google bots and real visitors and only take into account the real visitors excluding the bots in the final report. The statistics page is updated daily and has information pertaining to the information on daily visits by users, most popular search terms, a list of referrers and so much more.

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4. Chartbeat

Chartbeat is an excellent web analytics tool that can be used to improve audience engagement, make editorial decisions, and increase customer loyalty. Chartbeat gives its users real-time analytics, insights, and tools to improve content around the world. It has features such as Key performance indicators, multiple site management, performance metrics, referral tracking, reporting/analytics, and much more. Pricing varies depending on site traffic and the packages you choose. Chartbeat offers core and premium bundles and starts at $7,000 annually. An exact price quote can be obtained by contacting Chartbeat through their website. 

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5. eTracker

eTracker Is a German web analytics tool that is a popular rival to the Google Analytics web analytics tool. It has many features that can help you identify weak spots I’m your website, understand the sections popular with the customers, analyse qualitative and quantitative, evaluate your website’s traffic, collect visitor feedback, and provide a full overview of the website. They have a free plan with basic features. They also have a Basic Plan for 19€ per month, a Pro plan for 29€ per month, and an Enterprise plan for 149€ per month. 

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We know that the need for web analytics is to make recording and using website data more efficient, track down the number of times your page has been viewed and shared, or the number of comments under a post. Web analytics tools can present you with data far more accurately than trying to collect it manually.  


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