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List of Freelance Platforms to Bid on Projects Online

  • July 12 2021
  • Shamsher

A freelancer offers their services for a contract or a fee and has no expectations to become a permanent employee of any company. It's a form of self-employment, similar to operating a home business. But looking for companies hiring freelancers in your exact area of expertise can be tough and time-consuming. You can instead use freelance platforms online to easily find work that suits you. Here are some of those freelance platforms.


Upwork is a great platform to find freelance opportunities. You can set the hourly or fixed-price work you’re looking for and submit a proposal in your own time. Including your work history, your skills, and a photo can help them match you to the right work. You can even bid for jobs, pitch your projects, or discuss in-demand skills with recruiters so they can find opportunities aligned with your passions and career goals. The platform works on a commission basis and only requires you to pay a percentage of your earnings to them per project. The percentage depends on how much you earn. You can get further by visiting their website.



2.The Muse

The Muse helps freelancers search for jobs at companies whose people, perks, and values align with their unique professional needs. Muse helps them win at work, from professional advancement and skills-building to finding a job. They even have hundreds of certified coaches trained to help you improve your resume, strategize your job search, or navigate a big career change. You can contact them through their website for pricing knowledge.


FlexJobs is a remote full-time and part-time job market in over 50+ fields. They provide employee and freelance jobs, on-site jobs with flexible schedules, all hand-screened and verified job listings, high-quality remote and flexible jobs. They help people find professional remote and flexible jobs in 50+ career fields, entry-level to executive, part-time to full-time, and globally. Their experienced team researches every job and company so you don't have to. They also provide high-quality support resources and tools. They have a flexible pricing plan as well where 1-week membership is $6.95, 1 month is $14.95, 3 months is $29.95, and 1 year is $49.95. You can get further information through their website.



Get hand-picked job alerts for the best 1% of freelance jobs on the web. Trade your worst clients for some of the best companies in the world. We scour the web for the best freelancing jobs. The SolidGigs team manually checks nearly 100 sites for the best freelancing opportunities found on the web and then sends daily hand-picked leads that suit the jobs you are looking for. This helps your business improve rapidly and without wasting time looking for the leads yourself. They have a 30-day trial for just $2 which then becomes $19/month after that which can be cancelled at any time. You can get further information through their website.




Guru is a platform where freelancers and hiring companies or agents can collaborate and reach personal goals with relative ease. They strive to be a premier platform where professionals go to connect, collaborate, and get work done. Guru and its founders believe that the best work is done in a flexible and secure environment which is why they know freelancers can get the job done efficiently and with perfection. They have a free version but their premium version for Freelancers is $11.95 per month with which you have multiple added benefits such as sending premium quotes, get more bids, boost your ranking, and pay a lower job fee to name a few. You can get further information through their website.




Freelancing is a great option for working from home or finding job opportunities even if you may have other commitments. You can work in your own free time as long as the deadlines for the company you have a contract with is met. Using any one of the above websites or even multiple websites increase your chances of finding a good-paying job and increase your growth as a freelancer. 


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