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List of Article Submission Directories

Article submission directories are sites that greatly aid businesses publish or promote their content on sites where one can or view various articles. It also helps search engine ranking by improving and selecting the right keywords for the content. The main goal behind submitting an article is to run a campaign without having to pay for tools such as Google AdWords or other paid advertisement techniques.

What Is Article Submission?

Article submission is submitting good quality articles related to your blog or the kind of content you want to put out. This process of submitting good quality content is to improve the SEO rank and increasing traffic to your blog or website. The more popular the directory, the better it is for your blog. 

Why Are They Required?

The drastic use of technology has led to a wide emergence of digital marketing, and companies have been trying many diverse tactics to find what works best for their company and demographic. The most popular techniques can include SEO, social media marketing, emails, and many more. Article submissions are one such technique that has been found to be increasingly helpful to boost SEO and website traffic.

List Of Directories

1. Medium

Medium is one of the most popular blog writing and submission sites. It is a place to write, read, and connect and is also easy and free to post your articles on any topic and connect with millions of readers.





Articlebiz is very well known among readers and writers. Due to its popularity, it already has an extensive database of articles as well as amassed a significant audience.



3. iSnare

This site allows free articles to be submitted on almost any topic. iSnare helps the user publish their content on over 2000 web pages. 


4. Quora

Quora is a platform that has mainly a question-and-answer format content material. This article submission site can also be quite useful as it is a very trusted and widely used platform and provide a backlinking opportunity.



5. Github

Github is one of the largest and most advanced development platforms in the world. It can help you find the best community-approved projects to accelerate your work, then share it with the world. 



6. Buzzle

Buzzle is a great website if your content is more geared towards blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, economics, monetary policy, or any of the myriad subjects that are related to these. As a contributor, you will have your author profile/bio featured on all the articles you submit and add backlinks to your own website.



7. ArticleAlley

Article Alley is home to many pages of great content that offer an easy way to publish your work and attract readers. You can sign up for free and quickly start posting your articles to gain recognition.


8. ArticleDashboard

Article Dashboard is an article submission website with all kinds of categories including Business, Entertainment, Health, Movies Reviews, Politics and more.




9. ArticleSnatch

ArticleSnatch is another great multi-themed article submission website that has a large following that can help your article to gain more views which in turn can improve your image and credibility online.



10. SooperArticles

 Sooper articles is a content sharing platform where writers get the opportunity to gain exposure to your website, blog, business or yourself. They enable you to share your ideas with their community of readers to gain credibility, create original and insightful contents to gain traffic back to your site and grow your business.



11. GiganticList Articles

GiganticList Articles has categories for various topics such as Careers, Home Improvement, Miscellaneous, Promoting, Shopping, Startups and a lot more.



How to Submit an Article?

Article submission in most sites is easy and have only a few steps required. It’s as easy as visiting the site, log in or register yourself to sign up. After that, all that has to be done is submitting your article. 


There are many advantages to take us article submission. The most important are:

  • Submitting articles helps to add back-links for your website.
  • Helps improve your brand’s image online.
  • Greatly aids website traffic.
  • Improves SEO ranking for your website.
  • Attracts new visitors to your website that increases your demographic and customer base.


While submitting articles in article submission directories it is important to keep them original, and full of relevant information instead of writing a long-winded article that might bore readers. The above websites are great directories to help you start submitting your articles and improve your digital marketing strategies to gain more traffic to your website at a quicker pace.



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