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Best LinkedIn Email Extractor Tools

  • October 19 2022
  • Shamsher

Every email marketing campaign needs a good email list as an essential component. Finding verified emails is typically where sales and marketing teams begin, whether they are doing outreach, sequencing, or sales prospecting.

Consider buying specialised email finders for LinkedIn if your campaigns are targeted at LinkedIn users. These programmes perform similarly to standard email extractors but include a large database of LinkedIn profiles and features to enhance the LinkedIn experience.


What is a LinkedIn Email Extractor?

Businesses and salespeople can extract emails from LinkedIn profiles using software called a LinkedIn email extractor. These tools, which are also known as LinkedIn scrapers and email finders, are frequently offered as Google Chrome extensions or web-based programmes.

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The LinkedIn email extractor examines the information on LinkedIn profiles and makes use of it to locate emails associated with those accounts. Put the firm name, first and last name, and email address of your target into the tool, and let it do the rest.


Best LinkedIn Email Extractors

LinkedIn email extractors can provide a wide range of functions, including bulk search, export, and integrations, depending on price points. Let's take a look at the top LinkedIn email extractor software on the market.


#1. Dripify

Dripify LinkedIn automation tool offers a potent LinkedIn scraping capability to improve your sales prospecting efforts. You have access to your leads' data and may use it immediately in your campaigns, download it as a CSV file, or access it directly.

Key Features:

  • Invite Via Email: You can send LinkedIn connection requests via email by using your email credits to exceed your connection request cap.
  • Built-in Verification: You don't need to be concerned about the deliverability rate because all of the emails are validated on the same platform.
  • Download data in a CSV file with a tonne of details on top of the email using the exportable file feature (phone number, website, number of connections, and more).


Each Dripify subscription plan, which starts at $39 per month, includes 500 email credits (annual billing).


#2. Octopus CRM

Octopus CRM is a complete automation tool for LinkedIn. By using marketing funnels and automatic connection requests, it increases your LinkedIn prospecting. Emails can be exported for sequencing or other uses, used to issue connection requests, or scraped.

Key Features:

  • Import/Export: You can export your LinkedIn contacts to CSV or upload your incomplete list of LinkedIn connections for data enrichment (including emails).
  • Integration between Zapier and Hubspot: Convert your data to Hubspot, Zapier, Google Docs, or other applications.
  • Invite By Email: When your weekly invitation allotment is reached, exchange your email credits for connection requests.


With every Octopus CRM plan, 500 free email credits are included. Plans begin at just $6.99 per month (annual billing).


#3. Voila Norbert

Voila Norbert may obtain anyone's email address by using only their name and the URL of their employer. To find the email addresses you want, it employs a variety of extremely effective approaches and a frequently updated database.

Key Features:

  • Email Verification: Voila Norbert's 8-step email verification process improves deliverability, reduces bounces, boosts open rates, and boosts income.
  • Integrations: The email discovery tool may be combined with a number of well-known systems, including Salesforce, Hubspot, Google Chrome, and Zapier.
  • Browser Extension: Using the browser extension, you can browse websites without opening several windows and get email addresses.


  • Valet: 1000 emails for $49/month ($39/month with annual billing).
  • Butler: 5000 emails for $99/month ($79/month with annual billing).
  • Advisor: 15000 emails $249/month ($199/month with annual billing).
  • Counselor: 50000 emails for $499/month ($399/month with annual billing).


#4. Skrapp

Skrapp has a sophisticated system that searches business pages and determines email addresses using patterns. Though the backstage operations may appear intricate, they are straightforward to the public. You must provide the prospect's first/last name and company name in order to obtain the email address.

Key Features:

  • LinkedIn Email Finder: Discover the email addresses of the LinkedIn profiles you are interested in and save them immediately to your CRM.
  • Bulk Email Finder: Upload a list of names (including business names) to quickly find associated emails.
  • Find the email addresses of any company's employees by entering the name of the organisation.
  • Email Finder API: A special area where developers can use API endpoints to access email finders.


  • Starter: 1000 emails for $49/month (monthly billing) or $39/month (annual billing).
  • Seeker: 5000 emails for $99/month (monthly billing) or $79/month (annual billing).
  • Enterprise: 20000 emails for $199/month (monthly billing) or $159/month (annual billing). 
  • Global: 50000 emails for $299/month (monthly billing) or $239/month (annual billing). 


#5. Adapt.io

By extracting emails with high deliverability rates, this link-building and prospecting tool strengthens your sales and marketing initiatives. Discover precise emails, phone numbers, and additional information by simply installing the Chrome plugin.

Key Features:

  • Bulk Search: Using the LinkedIn advanced search, you can locate emails and phone numbers in large quantities.
  • Social media enrichment: After obtaining the emails of your B2B leads, you can easily interact with them and increase your sales productivity.
  • Browse By Industries: You can browse by industries to locate the email addresses and phone numbers for key jobs.


By completing your information, price quotes are provided (work email, contact needs, roles, etc.). Plans, however, typically cost $49 a month for 500 monthly credits.


#6. Wiza

Do you have any job candidates in mind, or are you conducting a cold outreach? In any event, Wiza transforms your searches into an exportable list of leads with emails. Achieving these results can reduce prospecting time by 75% and increase data accuracy to about 97%.

Key Features:

  • Sync With Marketing Tools: You can send leads to sales automation platforms like Outreach or Salesloft in addition to pushing your contacts to CRMs.
  • Pay When Validated: You are only charged once your contact information (phone + email) has been completely verified.
  • Find both work and business emails with built-in email verification.


  • Micro: 75 email credits for $30/month (monthly billing) or 900 email credits for $300/year (annual billing).
  • Pro: 250 email credits for $50/month (monthly billing) or 3000 email credits for $500/year (annual billing). 
  • Growth: 750 email credits for $100/month (monthly billing) or 9000 email credits for $1000/year (annual billing). 


#7. Aeroleads 

Aeroleads can help you find any type of contact information, including phone numbers, corporate emails, and personal emails. Aeroleads is a solid email-finding tool to fill your email lists with data on 450+ million prospects.

Key Features:

  • Pro Plugin: You can add over 2500 prospects from Sales Navigator and LinkedIn at once.
  • Multiple Extensions: Both a Firefox extension and a Chrome extension are available for Aeroleads.
  • Multichannel Plugin: To find employee data on any website, utilise the extension.
  • Data Export: In addition to CSV transfers and uploads, one-click export to any significant CRM is available.


  • Take Off: 2000 email credits for $49/month.
  • Climb: 8000 email credits for $149/month. 
  • Cruise: 30000 email credits for $499/month.
  • Enterprise: Credits and pricing as per requirements. 



Among the most beneficial automation tools for LinkedIn are LinkedIn scrapers. By bridging the gap between you and your prospect, they give you an advantage in your sales prospecting or outreach activities. Keep these top-tier email finders in your toolbox of preferred LinkedIn automation tools. Now it's up to you to jot down all of your requirements and choose the one that meets both your needs and your budget.


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