4 Evergreen Link Building Strategies that Works

When Google itself credits link-building among top 3 ranking signals, there is no room for arguments or for denying the gravity of link building in the digital realm. It is how you devise and execute your link-building strategy that determines the quality of your webpage and domain. Therefore, if you wish to remain in the game and top Google rankings, make sure you invest significant time and attention to link building. 

Since link building anchors your businesses to the solid grounds of success, an elementary approach to link building should be creating harmony between goals of linking building and the goals of your company. Only when this balance strikes, you will see the fruitful results of link-building. 

Let us introduce you to the six super amazing link-building strategies that give a firmer ground to your castles in the air! 

Timeless Topic or a Keyword

Who do you work so hard to impress in order to gain traffic and popularity? People right? Then your topic or the keyword you choose should be people-centric. One that brings them in hordes to you. If you have something that interests the audience, something that legit, links will follow. There are so many such sites that serve as an example. You have Wikipedia that naturally pulls people to its pages, making it one of the most visited websites. 

You must be wondering how to find such a topic or keyword, here is how we end this confusion for you. 

A topic beyond time is one that never gets old, one that remains trendy forever, such as weight loss topics or gaming laptops and the continuous techy innovations. You will find almost daily or weekly content on these topics. So if you pick a topic that continues to reverberate, there is more chance of you getting valuable links. 

Producing Quality Content for Your Topic

Once you succeed in finding the right topic that is evergreen, your next task is to create content that is better than the content you have witnessed so far. A stronger material gives you leverage over your competitor. In case you write on a topic gaming laptops under 30000/- to assure that you have a more savage content than the rest make sure you tick off every point on the list below:

  • Is your content visually more appealing? 
  • Is it easy to read and comprehend? 
  • The content quality is better than the rest? 
  • Is it comprehensive?
  • Have you included distinct yet authentic details? 

When you are done ticking these off, give yourself credit for creating acing content. However, it is not over yet. The real game starts when you promote your content. Promoting your content is essential so that it comes in notice otherwise how you will acquire links? 

Stealing Your Competitors Quality Backlinks

The technique is not as bad it sounds and surely harmless! 

So, we begin by entering a keyword or topic in the search bar and make a list of the top 10 results. Next, you find out all the sites linking to these websites. Using a backlink analysis tool, you can find out which of the content has more backlinks. These backlinks are open the chest of opportunities for you, and you do that by EMAIL OUTREACH

You create an email to contact all these site owners and let them know of the great content you have crafted. You have to be very smart while setting your pitch and impressing them with what you have got. 

Link Round-Up 

Round-up technique stands among the best link-building strategies. The round-up links are blog posts published on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis that are linked to your content. What you have to do is find these link round-ups and reach them through emails to link your content next time. 

Find the link round-ups that match the theme of your content and then go for a strong pitch to win them over. It sounds easy, but you have to make sure that without strong content, a strong tone will be useless and vice versa. Open up your creativity taps and then get on with the task. 

Resource Page Link Building 

Here we bring you a compelling and effective method of link-building strategy. Don’t get puzzled, each of these methods is effective only if done the right way, but resource page link building has a 100 percent chance of bringing the ball in your court. 

It is basically a webpage of a blog or a website that lists useful links and resources for a topic. You go on Google to find these resource pages, and you will find the URL at the top. You can match the most relevant resource page to your content. Next, you notice how these blogs link to other sources, whether it links to the homepage or any other pages. Once you do that, you can then reach the blog or the website to get links for the particular page of your website. 

Broken Link Building Strategy for SEO

Finally, we have arrived at our last link building strategy that is equally relevant and fruitful for SEO. This method is an excellent way since you help out other site owners to make their fixes. You notify the particular blog or website of their broken links and provide them with an invaluable link, i.e., your content. For this, you download a FREE extension in the Google Chrome Browser. 

Are you done with the installation? Now look for pages with a lot of outbound links. Resource pages are a good option for this so you can utilize the ones you searched for. However, there is another technique too. Go for the top articles that are relevant to your topic, and then see if they have any broken links. 

Once you succeed in finding a broken link or links, you have SMASHED IT! Write a friendly email to the owner. Notify them and offer them your material as a replacement. 


Conclusion: These were six of the best link-building strategies that you can utilize, and they won’t disappoint you. Be persistent and determined while you work for what you wish to achieve. Best of Luck! 

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